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  Procedure to request a modification to the listslide

  • Requests must be made by the competent authorities of third country for creation of a new list of establishments or for modifications to existing lists. These requests must be addressed to European Commission, DG SANCO F, Food and Veterinary Office, Third Country Listing, Email:
  • The requests received from third countries are evaluated by Commission staff (DG SANCO, Unit F2 and F3, Heads of Unit: Kenneth Elliott / Stefan Hönig).
  • If the request is valid, a fax is sent to the third country to acknowledge the receipt of the request and which indicates the timetable for the further processing of the request.
  • The Commission issues a ‘Notification’ to EU Member States informing them of requests from third countries which have been considered valid by the Commission.
  • If there are no objections from the Member States within 20 working days, the new draft list is published on the SANCO website ( The list will come into force 10 working days after publication. The web page indicates both dates: the date of publication and the date from which the list enter into force and imports are authorised.
  • The Commission shall, whenever at least one Member State makes written comments, or whenever it considers that the modification of a list is necessary in the light of relevant information (Community inspection reports, Notification under the Rapid Alert system,…) inform all Member States and include the point on agenda of the next meeting of the relevant section of the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health for decision, where appropriate.
    Therefore, there is the possibility to modify the lists on request of the Member States or on initiative of the Commission if necessary.



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