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Establishments approved to handle animal by-products

EU countries' competent authorities approve and register establishments that handle animal by-products and derived products. They also draw up and make public up-to-date lists of these establishments.

Every national website should show the regrouping of ABP activities that require approval.

Regulation EC 1069/2009 PDF - health rules for animal by-products and derived products (repealing Regulation EC 1774/2002) - applies from 4 March 2011

Lists of approved ABP establishments in EU countries

Lists of ABP establishment or plants in non-EU countries

Rules for non-EU countries

Non-EU countries can send their lists of approved or registered establishments in the format shown in the Technical specification to: and

Technical specifications PDF - Apply from 4 March 2011 for EU and non-EU countries

Regulation EU 142/2011 PDF - new requirements for the listing of establishments in non-EU countries authorised to export to the EU

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