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Scientific advice

Until May 2003, the Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) has issued a number of opinions on animal by-products, which are available in the archive of the Scientific Steering Committee.


Since May 2003, the work of the SSC is now carried out by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which continues to advise on matters relating to animal by-products. All Community measures on animal by-products are based on sound, independent and transparent scientific advice and opinions from leading experts. EFSA opinions are available on the EFSA website.

In accordance with Article 20 of Regulation (EC) No 1069/2009 the procedure for authorisation of an alternative method of use or disposal of animal by-products or derived products may be initiated either by the Commission or, following an application, by a Member State or by an interested party, which may represent several interested parties.

The application for authorisation of alternative methods of use or disposal of animal by-products or derived products shall be submitted in accordance with provision of Article 16 and Annex VII to Regulation EU 142/2011. In addition, EFSA has published a statement on the format for applications for new alternative methods for animal by-products. Applications should be submitted to the national competent authority of a Member State. EFSA carries out the risk assessment whilst the European Commission provides with the risk management and decides whether or not to authorise the alternative method.

List of EFSA opinions on alternative methods of use or disposal of animal by-products or derived products:

  1. Scientific Opinion on Lime Treatment of Solid Pig and Poultry Manure
  2. Scientific Opinion on the Neste Oil Application for a new alternative method of disposal or use of Animal By-Products
  3. Scientific Opinion on the abiotic risks for public and animal health of glycerine as co-product from the biodiesel production from Category 1 animal by-products (ABP) and vegetable oils
  4. Scientific Opinion on the evaluation of a new processing method for ABP Category 2 materials of fish origin

EFSA has assessed also the following containment methods:

  1. Project to study alternatives to carcass destruction systems using the bunker system
  2. Scientific Opinion on Composting and incineration of dead-on-farm pigs



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