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The Animal By-Product Regulation (EC) Nr 1774/2002 (ABP Regulation), adopted on 3 October 2002, is a comprehensive, directly applicable legal instrument, which replaces and simplifies a large number of Directives and Decisions. It indicates clearly what may or may not be done with any part of an animal or product of animal origin not intended for human consumption, ensuring its safety vis-à-vis animal and public health.

Since its entry into force of on 1 November 2002, the Commission has introduced some transitional and implementing measures, facilitating application of the ABP Regulation. On certain issues derogations from the provisions of the Regulation were granted (e. g. concerning the burial of animals). Furthermore, it had proved necessary to amend the Regulation in some areas. A list of legislation based on the ABP Regulation is available.

A consolidated version of the ABP Regulation is available. Please note, that consolidation entails the integration of basic instruments of Community legislation, their amendments and corrections in single, non-official documents. These documents are intended for use as a documentation tool and the European Institutions do not assume any liability for its content.

The ABP Regulation has direct or indirect impact on certain other areas, such as issues relating to transmissible spongiform encephalitis (TSE), to cosmetics, medicinal products (pharmaceutics) and medical devices (laboratory reagents) and to the environment. Community legislation adopted in such areas may refer to the ABP Regulation. A list of legislation on which the ABP Regulation has an impact is available.

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