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Animal Nutrition - Medicated Feed

Medicated feed legislation

Medicated feed contains a premix of veterinary medicinesand requires veterinary prescription. Sometimes, it is the most effective way for a farmer to give medicine to his livestock.

The Commission regulated the conditions for mixing veterinary medicine into feed, its marketing and use across the EU in Directive 90/167/EEC .

This directive will be revised.

Its transposition in EU countries led to differences throughout the EU for manufacturers and farmers. Some provisions are not in line with developments in feed and veterinary medicinal products legislation.

See report on medicinal feed PDF in the EU.

Public consultation

DG Health & Consumers is launching a stakeholder consultation: "Smart Regulation of Medicated Feed - how to safeguard public and animal health while increasing the competitiveness of the EU's livestock sector".

Target groups

Stakeholders and interested parties involved in:

Consultation period

31 March until 30 May 2011

Consultation objective

The Commission consults stakeholders to see what issues could be improved by smart legislation, and outline the policy options.
Stakeholder input will feed into the impact assessment of the revision of the Medicated Feed Directive.

Consultation document

Background information and the questionnaire are in the consultation document PDF(in English only). The system allows 90 min. maximum to complete the questionnaire.
Read the introduction before proceeding to the questions.

How to submit your contribution

Following the consultation

All contributions and a report analysing the replies will be posted here a few weeks after the consultation closes.


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