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Animal Nutrition - Official Controls

Council Directive 95/53/EC pdf lays down the principles governing the organisation of official inspections in animal nutrition. It requires the national authorities responsible for animal nutrition to regularly inspect feed imported from third countries or feed produced within the EU. It also sets harmonised rules for carrying out such inspections which are usually done at the place of origin for the sake of efficiency. Controls at the place of origin are the basis for the mutual recognition of controls among all Member States in accordance with internal market legislation.

Commission Directive 98/68/EC es da de el fr it nl pt fi sv pdf implements certain rules on standard documentation and checks to be performed on imports of feedingstuffs from third countries.

On 5 February 2003 the Commission adopted a proposal for a Regulation pdf of the European Parliament and of the Council on official feed and food controls. This proposal is intended to improve the effectiveness of official controls on products for human consumption and animal feed. It lays down rules for the authorities responsible for carrying out official controls. It also outlines the Commission's role in organising these controls and introduces provisions for penalties to ensure Community feed and food law is enforced in the Member States. The Commission also proposes that assistance be given to developing countries to help them meet EU standards.

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Coordinated inspection programmes in the field of animal nutrition

Since 2001, the Commission has recommended that Member States carry out annual coordinated inspection programmes in animal nutrition.

Results of official feed controls carried out by Member States

Using information provided by the Member States in their annual reports, the Commission makes annual overall summary reports on the results of inspections in the field of animal nutrition carried out by Member States: