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Animal Nutrition - Feed Hygiene

On 26 of April 2004 the Council adopted Regulation 183/2005 EC the European Parliament and of the Council laying down requirements for feed hygiene.

The proposal was presented by the by Commission on 14 of April 2003 in the framework of the Commission's White Paper on Food Safety, pdf and the way the three institutions negotiated allowed a successful first reading agreement in a short time.

The final text adopted by the Council and the Parliament retains all the main principles of the Commission proposal. Therefore guaranteeing a good improvement on the safety of feed.

This Regulation will ensure that feed safety is considered at all stages that may have an impact on feed and food safety, including primary production.

In particular it introduces the following main elements :

The Council and the Parliament endorsed the principle that feed business operators must provide a financial guarantee in order to cover the risks related to their businesses. The Commission will present a report examining the existing national provisions, systems and practices relaying to the liability in the feed sector, which shall be accompanied, where appropriate, by legislative proposals for such a feasible and practicable guarantee system at EU level which will enter into force afterwards.

The proposal will replace Council Directive 95/69/EC laying down the conditions and arrangements for approving and registering certain establishments and intermediaries operating in the animal feed sector.