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In accordance with Article 17 of Regulation (EC) No 1831/2003 on additives for use in animal nutrition, the Commission has established the European Union Register of Feed Additives

The Register was published for the first time in November 2005. It is composed of 2 parts.
The first contains the list of modifications to the Register and the current authorisations in Annex I. The second file contains the second file contains Annex II, the Additives Subject to the provisions of Art. 10 § 2 of Reg. (EC) No 1831/2003 for which no application for reevaluation was submitted before the deadline of 8 November 2010. Some of the additives in this Annex II are already withdrawn but subject to transitional measures.

First part: Community Register of feed additivespdf Revision 191, released 11 July 2014 (3MB) Updated 10-07-2014.
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Second part, Annex II: Community Register of feed additives, Annex IIpdf , released 26 June 2014 (6MB) Updated 26-06-2014.
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Appendix 3, with lists of modifications to the Register, is now split into Appendices:
Appendix 3a pdf released 12 November 2010,
Appendix 3b pdf released 07 February 2012,
Appendix 3c pdf released 04 March 2013 and
Appendix 3d pdf released 08 August 2013

Read also the explanatory notes CS DA DE EL ES ET FI FR HU IT LT LV MT NL PL PT SK SL SV pdf (0.2MB - 0.5MB).

  • N.B. The Register has only informative purposes and does not replace Community legal acts. The Community legal acts concerning the authorisation of each additive entered in the Register constitute the legal basis for the placing on the market and use of the additives concerned.

A consolidated list es da de el fi fr it nl pt sv pdf 2004/C50/01 (updated up to 19-6-2003) of the authorised additives in feedingstuffs containing provisional and permanent authorisations under the old Directive 70/524 is available. This list is already integrated in the European Union Register of feed addtives.



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