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04-12-2014Commissioner Andriukaitis welcomes provisional political agreement on GMO cultivation
27-05-2014Plant Health: Commission strengthens rules on citrus fruit imports from South Africa


20-06-2013GMO: Commission refers Poland to Court for failure to comply with EU rules on monitoring of GMO cultivation


21-06-2012Commission urges Poland to transpose provisions of directive on marketing of fodder plant seed mixtures
26-01-2012Protection of biodiversity: Commission refers Poland to Court for not respecting the EU rules on conservation varieties of vegetable seeds


16-11-2011Plant health : EU steps up assistance to help fight dangerous organisms
16-11-2011Questions and Answers on plant health pests and funding programmes to deal with them
27-10-2011Commission calls on the Czech Republic to transpose the Directive on harmful organisms to plants
27-10-2011EU law: Commission acts to ensure that European legislation is fully and properly implemented
29-09-2011 Commission calls on Greece and Hungary to transpose the Directive on harmful organisms to plants
16-06-2011Commission urges Hungary to transpose provisions of seeds' directive
16-06-2011Commission urges Hungary and Poland to transpose provisions of directive on plant varieties


30-09-2010 Health and Consumers – Commission urges Italy and Portugal to transpose Directives
28-09-2010 EU's plant health to be strengthened and better protected through new legislation
28-09-2010Questions and answers on the review of the EU plant health regime
24-06-2010Pesticides: Food in the EU is now safer thanks to more controls and fewer and less harmful residues


01-04-2009Adapting to climate change: the European Union must prepare for the impacts to come
13-03-2009Commission completes pesticide review programme - an important step to ensure the protection of health and environment
13-01-2009European Commission welcomes European Parliament's vote on Plant Protection Products Regulation
13-01-2009Questions and Answers on Plant Protection Products


14-12-2007Preparation Agriculture/Fisheries Council of December 2007
16-02-2007The CPVO organizes a seminar in Madrid on Enforcement on Plant Variety Rights


13-09-2006Midday Express: Commission transmits proposals to Council on active substances for plant protection
11-08-2006Updated crop yield forecasts for 2006 and analysis of drought effects
12-07-2006Commission proposes new rules for plant protection products
12-07-2006Questions and Answers on Plant Protection Products
14-06-2006Commission transmits proposals to Council for conditional authorisation of active substances for plant protection


16-03-2005EU-Russia deal safeguards trade in plant products
15-03-2005Questions and Answers on the EU-Russia deal on the trade in plant products
11-03-2005Negotiations with Russia on plant health
25-02-2005Preparation Agriculture/Fisheries Council of February 2005


20-07-2004Plant health and world trade: EU signs up to new international rules
26-04-2004Pesticides: Byrne welcomes Council support on establishing common maximum residue levels
31-03-2004EC ratifies international treaty on plant genetic resources improving access to seeds and agricultural biodiversity


18-12-2003Outcome of Agri/Fisheries Council of December 2003
24-10-2003Questions and Answers about GMOs in seeds
08-07-2003Commission close to completion of pesticide review: 110 additional substances to be withdrawn
22-04-2003Explanatory summary : Commission report shows stable level of pesticide residues in food in the EU
14-03-2003Pesticides: consumer protection to be boosted via harmonisation of maximum residue levels


28-11-2002EU Plant Health Regime improved to reduce risk of importing harmful organisms


27-07-2001Commission proposes a revised approach towards the evaluation of pesticides safety
27-07-2001Commission publishes results of Pesticide Monitoring Programme 1999
24-05-2001Commission publishes results of Pesticide Residue Monitoring Programme 2000



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