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Food and feed safety
Animal Health and welfare
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20-07-2004Outcome of Agriculture/Fisheries Council of July 2004
26-04-2004Byrne welcomes completion of extensive review of food and feed controls and hygiene rules
26-04-2004Questions and Answers on the Regulation on Official Food and Feed Controls
23-03-2004Commission launching a co-operation initiative of current and future Member States at the future veterinary Border Inspection Posts
09-03-2004"New controls will enhance enforcement" says Commissioner Byrne as Parliament backs new law


22-07-2003Better food hygiene: Commissioner Byrne welcomes political agreement about official controls on food of animal origin
23-06-2003Facilitating safety in animals and animal products: Commission issues manual to assist trading partners
05-02-2003Commission proposes new food and feed controls with teeth


23-07-2002Commission proposes new rules for controls on food of animal origin
19-07-2002New building for Commission's Food and Veterinary Office officially opened in Ireland
25-01-2002EU Standing Veterinary Committee agrees on suspension of imports of products of animal origin from China
24-01-2002Food controls - EU inspectors find national controls on E. coli vary between EU countries
14-01-2002Enlargement and upgrading food controls are the challenges ahead - David Byrne at Green Week 2002 11/01/2002


09-10-2001Results of the Standing Veterinary Committee
11-07-2001Results of the Standing Veterinary Committee
07-03-2001Commission proposal to gradually lift restrictions on export of Portuguese beef backed by the Standing Veterinary Committee



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