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Food and feed safety
Animal Health and welfare
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15-03-2007Three new Community Reference Laboratories will ensure reliable testing of food and animal feed


22-12-2005Ban on antibiotics as growth promoters in animal feed enters into effect


08-11-2004Safety first in feed additive authorisations
19-07-2004GMOs: Commission authorises import of GM-maize for use in animal feed
26-04-2004Byrne welcomes completion of extensive review of food and feed controls and hygiene rules
26-04-2004Questions and Answers on Feed Hygiene


15-10-2003EU complies with WTO ruling on Hormone beef and calls on USA and Canada to lift trade sanctions
22-06-2003Council and Parliament prohibit antibiotics as growth promoters: Commissioner Byrne welcomes adoption of Regulation on feed additives
24-04-2003New feed hygiene requirements: the missing link to guarantee food safety
27-01-2003Brighter eyesight or brighter salmon? Commission decides new rules on colouring feed additive


28-06-2002Limits on presence of dioxin in food and feed enter into force on 1st July


27-11-2001"Dioxin in Feed" Commissioner Byrne welcomes adoption by Council of dioxin limits in feed
25-10-2001The Commission adopts strategy to reduce dioxins and PCBs in feed and food
12-10-2001Labelling of compound feedingstuffs agreed in conciliation: clear percentages on label
25-07-2001Commission improves rules on labelling and tracing of GMOs in Europe to enable freedom of choice and ensure environmental safety
20-07-2001Commission proposes strategy to reduce dioxin in food and feed
20-07-2001Fact sheet on dioxin in feed and food


24-11-2000Scientific opinions on dioxin in feed and food



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