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Animal Health and welfare
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12-09-2014Animal Health: EU to tighten rules on horse passports


24-05-2013Bee Health: EU-wide restrictions on Pesticide use to enter into force on 1 December
21-02-2013Animal Welfare: Commission increases pressure on Member States to enforce group housing of sows


21-06-2012Animal Welfare: Commission steps up calls urging 10 Member States to implement ban on laying hen cages
26-04-2012 Animal Welfare: Commission steps up pressure on Member States to implement ban on individual sow stalls
26-04-2012 Questions and Answers on the upcoming ban on individual sow stalls
22-03-2012Commission gathers international experts to drive new Animal Welfare Strategy 2012-2015 forward
26-01-2012Animal Welfare: Commission urges 13 Member States to implement ban on laying hen cages
19-01-2012A new Animal Welfare Strategy Paper: European Commission seeks quality upgrade
19-01-2012Questions and Answers on the Animal Welfare Strategy 2012-2015


29-09-2011Animal welfare: the Commission calls on Spain to address deficiencies


24-11-2010Animal Welfare: Commission urges Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Finland and the UK to transpose Animal Welfare Directive


28-10-2009Animal welfare labelling: Commission report launches in-depth political debate
23-06-2009Council adopts Commission proposal improving animal treatment at time of slaughter
05-02-2009European Commission welcomes European Parliament's vote on Animal Feed Regulation


10-11-2008Commission launches "Farmland": The fun way for kids to learn about animal welfare
19-09-2008Commission proposal improves welfare of animals at slaughter
19-09-2008Questions and Answers on the proposal for the protection of animals at the time of killing
08-01-2008Animal Welfare: Commission report confirms the potential benefits of banning conventional battery cages for laying hens


19-06-2007Trade ban on cat and dog fur in the EU
08-05-2007Commissioner Kyprianou welcomes Council agreement on animal welfare rules for broilers
22-03-2007EU consumers willing to pay for better animal welfare
21-03-2007Commission refers Greece to Court over animal welfare infringements
12-01-2007New rules for captive bird imports to protect animal health in the EU and improve the welfare of imported birds
04-01-2007Animal welfare in transport: new EU rules enter into force


20-11-2006Cat and dog fur: Commission proposes total EU ban
20-11-2006Questions and Answers on the proposal to ban cat and dog fur in the EU
12-06-2006Brigitte Bardot was received by Commissioner Kyprianou's chef de cabinet, Margaritis Schinas
30-03-2006Commissioner Kyprianou's main points addressed to the conference
30-03-2006Press release on first EU conference on animal welfare
30-03-2006Questions and Answers on EU Animal Welfare Policy, Brussels 30 March 2006
17-02-2006Preparation Agriculture/Fisheries Council of February 2006
23-01-2006Improving animal welfare: EU Action Plan adopted
23-01-2006MEMO: Questions and Answers on the Action Plan on the Protection and Welfare of Animals


08-11-2005Public Internet consultation on animal welfare
08-06-2005EU survey reveals consumers willing to pay more for better animal welfare
08-06-2005 Consumer attitudes to animal welfare: Main findings of the Eurobarometer survey
31-05-2005Commission proposes legislation to improve welfare of broiler chickens
27-05-2005EU success: OIE adopts international guidelines on animal welfare


22-12-2004Outcome of Agriculture/Fisheries Council of December 2004
23-11-2004Outcome of Agriculture/Fisheries Council of November 2004 - (Animal Transport)
22-11-2004Commission welcomes Council’s agreement on stricter welfare rules for transport of animals
15-04-2004TRACES: Commission adopts new system to manage animal movements and prevent the spread of animal diseases
23-02-2004Byrne calls for worldwide animal welfare standards Commission granted official observer status at OIE
23-02-2004OIE to hold Global Conference on Animal Welfare in Paris


18-12-2003Outcome of Agri/Fisheries Council of December 2003
30-10-2003Commission proposes signing the Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Animals during International Transport
16-07-2003Commission proposes radical overhaul of animal transport rules
14-07-2003Commission takes four Member States to Court over protection of laying hens
16-06-2003The European Commission supports OIE global conference on animal welfare
13-01-2003Commission acts against five Member States to protect laying hens


20-03-2002Scientific Committee adopted opinion on animal welfare during transport


09-11-2001The Commission adopts further standards for the welfare of pigs
23-10-2001Welfare of animals during transport - Council approves mandate for negotiating international rules
19-06-2001Major improvement of welfare of pigs agreed
09-04-2001Animal transport: Commission adopts proposal to improve conditions for the long distance transportation of animals
16-01-2001Commission proposes improvements in welfare conditions of pigs


19-12-2000Animal Transport: Commission steps up action to remedy shortcomings in application of EU rules
16-10-2000EC Animal Transport Rules to be applied in Slovenia
19-09-2000David Byrne announces improvements in welfare conditions of pigs



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