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The Commission publishes a reflection paper on control of residues of veterinary medicinal products and Maximum Residue Limits

DG Enterprise and DG Health and Consumer Protection have reflected on several current issues connected to the Community legislation on residues of veterinary medicinal products in food. This discussion paper presents points that need to be considered and debated with a view to reassess and modify the legislation to better serve the needs of all stakeholders. The goal is to determine new means to balance consumer protection, animal health and welfare as well as trade requirements concerning residues of pharmacologically active substances used in veterinary medicinal products in food producing animals.

On the basis of the comments and suggestions received, the Commission will present a proposal for new legislation both on the evaluation of residues of pharmacologically active substances and their control in food.

Please provide your comments no later than 20 March 2004 to or in writing to Mr. Philippe Brunet, Head of Unit DG Enterprise F2 and Mrs. Patricia Brunko, Head of Unit D3, DG Health and Consumer Protection, European Commission, Rue de la Loi 200, B-1049, Brussels, Belgium.