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Advisory Group: Working groups - Agendas & Summary Records 2009
30 November Seeds and Propagating Material:
09 November Animal Health Advisory Committee
19 October Inspection fees
29 September: Animal Health Advisory Committee
17 July: Discussion on the evaluation of the EU legislative framework for genetically modified food and feed: Revision of the Framework Directive on foodstuffs intended for particular nutritional uses (dietetic foods) and on the nutrition claims as referred to in the annex of Regulation (EC) n°1924/2006 (Nutrition claims):
1 July Plant Health

Presentation of a study on the economic, environmental and social impact of different policy options against Diabrotica virgifera virgifera (Western corn rootworm) and discussion: Presentation of a road map for future Community action against pine wood nematode and discussion: Presentation of the evaluation of the Community plant health regime and discussion:
17 June Public and Private Partnerships: a contribution to food safety:
15 June Animal Health Advisory Committee
06 March Animal Health Advisory Committee

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