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Animal welfare during transport

Regulation EC 1/2005 (December 2004) overhauled the previous EU rules on animal transport, defining the responsibilities of all involved in the transport chain.  It lays down rules for the transport of live vertebrate animals carried out within the Union, including the specific checks to be carried out by officials on consignments entering or leaving the customs territory of the Union. It also provides that the competent authority is to check that the requirements of that Regulation have been complied with, by carrying out non-discriminatory inspections of animals, means of transport and accompanying documents.

Member States are required to submit to the Commission by 30 June each year an annual report for the previous year on the non-discriminatory inspections accompanied by an analysis of the major deficiencies.

It offers more efficient monitoring tools and stricter rules for journeys exceeding 8 hours, including a substantial upgrading of vehicle standards.

Subsequently Commission Implementing Decision 2013/188/EU which came into force on 1 January 2015, has established a harmonised model form for the annual reports in order to reduce the administrative burden on Member States and to provide for them to be submitted electronically to the Commission.

For full details please refer to the directives.