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Report on Animal transport Regulation

The Commission adopted its report on the impact of Regulation EC 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport on 10 Nov. 2011 showing:

  • Its impact on animal welfare during transport;
  • Impact of the Regulation on trade within the EU;
  • Socio-economic and regional implications;
  • Implementation of the navigation systems;
  • Enforcement of EU rules on animal welfare during transport.

The Commission based the report on an external study, an opinion of the European Food Safety Authority, reports from the Food and Veterinary Office and EU countries.

EU rules on animal transport

Regulation EC 1/2005 overhauls existing EU rules on animal transport, defining the responsibilities of all actors in the transport chain to effectively enforce the new rules.

It offers more efficient monitoring tools e.g. checks on vehicles via satellite as of 2007, and stricter rules for journeys exceeding 8 hours, including a substantial upgrading of vehicle standards.

Regulation EC 1/2005 - protection of animals during transport

Study on temperatures during animal transport pdf

International Air Transport Association (IATA) standards for containers for transporting live animals by air



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