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Animal Welfare - Surveys of public attitudes

Results of the Special Eurobarometer "Attitudes of EU citizens towards Animal Welfare". pdf(1.7MB)

Results of the Special Eurobarometer "Attitudes of consumers towards the welfare of farmed animals, Wave2". pdf(0.4MB)

Welfare Quality: a Community-funded research project on animal welfare in the food quality chain.

Summary and proceedings of Welfare Quality conference 17-18 November 2005. pdf (1.3MB)

Results of an EU-25 EUROBAROMETER survey pdf - ppt (28Mb) - Flash (8Mb)
( Vol.A pdf - excel ) ( Vol.B pdf - excel ) on consumers' attitudes to the welfare of farmed animals. Updated : 13-12-2005

Special Eurobarometer 238 "Risk Issues" Fieldwork: September - October 2005, Publication: February 2006 pdf

Report: Special Eurobarometer 225 "Social values, science and technology" Fieldwork: January - February 2005, Publication: June 2005 pdf

Report: Special Eurobarometer 221 Europeans and the Common Agricultural Policy Fieldwork: November - December 2004, Publication: February 2005 pdf (1.3MB)

EU FAIR project on " Quality policy and consumer behaviour"

Summary of response statistics for public internet consultation on the protection and welfare of farmed animals

EU FAIR Project on "Consumer concerns about animal welfare and the impact on food choice". pdf (0.2MB)

" Civil Society Dialogue: DG TRADE organised ad hoc meeting - sustainable production and good animal welfare practices: trade opportunities for developing countries".