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International conference on the protection of animals in the slaughterhouses: getting ready for 2013, Brussels, 24 October 2012
Coming up: meeting on group housing of sows, Brussels, 17 October 2012

On 17 October 2012 in Brussels, the Commission organises a meeting with EU countries and stakeholders to assess the implementation of group housing of sows (Directive 2008/120/EC - protection of pigs). The deadline for enforcement of the directive is 1 January 2013.

2º Regional Meeting of Researchers on Animal Welfare: Progress and Stretegies for the future of Livestock, 10-11 July 2012, Montevideo, Uruguay
Meeting with Spanish competent authorities and stakeholders from meat industry, 10 May 2012, Barcelona
Market-driven Animal Welfare in the EU and the US, Washington, 22 March 2012
Stakeholders and Member States meeting on implementation of Council Directive 2008/120/EC: Group housing of sows, Brussels, 19March 2012
Ensuring Fair Food & Farming for the Future, Brussels, La Bibliotheque Solvay, 20 March 2012

International conference on the new EU strategy 2012-2015, Brussels, 29 February - 1 March

Empowering consumers and creating market opportunities for animal welfare

1st FAO Global Multi-Stakeholders Forum on Animal Welfare, Brussels, 1-2 March 2012

Implementation of Regulation (EC) No 1523/2007 banning cat and dog fur, Brussels, 18 January 2012


Workshops on Animal Welfare for Veterinary Practitioners

The European Commission and Federation of Veterinarians of Europe organised 2 regional workshops on animal welfare for veterinary practitioners:

Minding animals pre-conference: Animals and the Law - Barcelona, 24-25 October 2011

BEVA-FVE Trust Equine Transport Enforcement Award, Brussels, 18-19 November 2011

IDF World Dairy Summit - Sustainable Food Security, Parma Italy 15-19 October 2011

First regional workshop on animal welfare for veterinary practitioners:
Improving animal welfare: a practical approach, Budapest, Hungary, 26-27 September 2011

First Conference on animal welfare in the Baltic region - Responsible ownership, 5-6 May, Vilnius, Lithuania

5th Pan Commonwealth Vet Conference: "The Role of Veterinarians and Livestock Farmers in Food Security and Poverty Alleviation", Accra, Ghana, 21 - 25 March.

Proceedings of the conference

More info:

Related initiatives:
The report of the 5th Pan Commonwealth Veterinary Conference in Ghana will be the discussion paper for the expert meeting organised by the UN's Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the Brooke in Rome, 13 - 17 June 2011.

The expert meeting will analyse the role and impact of working animals in livelihoods e.g. food security, poverty alleviation, income generation, access to services, gender equity, etc.

It will identify how to improve the welfare of working animals in agricultural and rural development programmes.

For further information on experts' selection for the meeting click herepdf.

European Partnership on Pig Castration meeting - 25 February

Agenda pdf Updated 28-02-2011

More info:


Forum on "Improving the welfare of horses during transport: the importance of enforcement" - 29 November

Agenda pdf

More info:

Second Chinese-European Pig Summit, Hanover, Germany - 17 November

Agenda: pdf

More info:

European Horse Network Conference , Brussels (how to get there) pdf - 17 November

Registration of participants:

Agenda and further info:

Second Workshop on Pig Welfare - Improving implementation of EU legislation, Parma, Italy, 11 November

1st International Conference on Animal Welfare Education, 1-2 October, Brussels

Exhibition of animal welfare education projects

Animal welfare and intensive production systems , in Santiago de Chile, 13-14 September

Seminar on "Welfare Quality Project and the use of welfare indicators: what’s at the stake?", Brussels, 13 September

Agenda + presentations pdf

Second Global Conference of OIE Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres, Paris, France - 21-22 June

Workshop on pig castration pdf , 2 June, Brussels

Agenda pdf
Workshop outcomes pdf

ALCASDE Study - Final report

The European Commission launched a Call for tender concerning a "Study on the improved methods for animal-friendly production, in particular on alternatives to the castration of pigs and on alternatives to the dehorning of cattle" (SANCO/2008/D5/018) in 2008.
Please find here the final report of the study: pdf

FAO-EC Workshop on "Low cost practices and tools to improve farm animal welfare" pdf , Jaboticabal, SP; Brazil, May 31-1 June

FAO-EC Workshop on "Educational strategies to promote animal welfare concepts and practices" pdf , Jaboticabal, SP; Brazil, 1-2 June

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Workshop on pig welfarepdf, 17 November, Brussels


web streaming of the Workshop: Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV.

Final Stakeholders Conference of the Welfare Quality project pdf, 8-9 October 2009, Uppsala, Sweden

Welfare Quality Website - First announcement pdf

Joint IDF-FAO-EC Conference on "Animal Welfare-Challenges and Opportunities for the Dairy Sector", 22 September 2009, Berlin, Germany

OIE European Regional Meeting


Treaty of Lisbon and animal welfare, 8 April 2009


Conference on Global Trade and Farm Animal Welfare pdf, 20-21 January 2009

Background infopdf
Speakers' profile

Previous event: International Forum on Global Aspects of Farm Animal Welfare, Brussels 2008

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FAO Open Forum on Capacity Building to Implement Good Animal Welfare Practices, 29 September 2008, Rome

Agenda pdf

FAO Expert meeting on Capacity Building to Implement Good Animal Welfare Practices, 30 September - 3 October 2008, Rome

Agenda pdf

Executive Summary and Recommendations of the Expert Meeting Report ES FR PDF
Expert Meeting Report PDF
OIE Inter-American Meeting on Animal Welfare,pdf 19-20 August 2008, Panama City
2008 International Animal Welfare Conference The Welfare of Animals - It's Everyone's Business. AAWS the Australian Approach, 31 August-3 September 2008, Gold Coast Queensland

Second OIE Global Conference on Animal Welfare "Putting the OIE Standards to work", 20-22 October 2008, Cairo

.Conference Recommendations ES FR PDF

.Proceedings of the conference PDF

The Importance of Farm Animal Welfare Science to Sustainable Agriculture, 29-30 March, Beijing, China

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International Conference "Animal Welfare: New Horizons For The 21st Century, An International And Regional Perspective",pdf Uruguay, 24-25 April 2007

More information
Programme ES pdf
Press Release pdf(24-04-2007)

2nd Welfare Quality Stakeholder conference 'Assuring animal welfare: from societal concerns to implementation' pdf

More Information:
Proceedings of the Second Welfare Quality conferencepdf

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Animal Welfare-Improving by Labelling?

Animal Welfare Labelling

Workshop "Castration of piglets"pdf

EFSA Opinion
Conclusion of the Workshop "Castration of piglets"pdf

Workshop "Animal Welfare in Europe: achievements and future prospects"
Training on animal welfare standards for stunning and killing animals, September 2006
International Workshop on Animal Welfare in Transport, June 2006
Measuring and monitoring farm animal welfare: COST 846 final meeting, March 2006
EU Conference on Animal Welfare, March 2006

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Welfare Quality conference, November 2005

PDF file pdf

Summary and proceedings of Welfare Quality conference 17-18 November 2005. pdf

EC-Chile animal welfare seminar,pdf September 2005

Proceedings pdf Updated 11-12-2006

Sustainable production and good animal welfare practices: trade opportunities for developing countries: civil society dialogue meeting, May 2005

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EC-Chile animal welfare seminar November 2004 EN - ES pdf

Cover page pdf Updated 24-05-2006

OIE global conference on animal welfare, February 2004

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Seminar on EU research on farm animal welfare, April 2002

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