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  Intra-Union Trade in Porcine Animalsslide

The intra-Union trade rules for porcine animals solely govern the movement of porcine animals between EU Member States.

Requirements before and during dispatch:

The animal health requirements for intra-Union trade in porcine animals are laid down in Council Directive 64/432/EEC of 26 June 1964. This Directive, which has been amended several times, harmonises the rules for intra-Union trade in pigs and establishes the animal health guarantees needed for the trade in these animals between the Member States but it does not apply to movements within an individual Member State.

At the destination

Because there are no border controls for movements between the Member States, non-discriminatory spot checks are carried out at the point of origin and at the destination according to Council Directive 90/425/EEC, as last amended, to ensure that consignments are in compliance with the guarantees provided by the health certificate.

The TRACES tracking system provides an important tool to ensure compliance because it allows the receiving Member State to verify that the consignment arriving at the destination corresponds to that specified in the original accompanying veterinary health certificate from the Member State of origin.



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