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  Council Directive 2006/88/ECslide

Minimum control measures in the event of a suspicion or outbreak of certain diseases

An outbreak of a disease affecting aquatic animals can quickly take on epizootic proportions, causing mortality and disturbances on a scale liable to reduce severely the profitability of aquaculture. Therefore it is important that control measures are taken when the presence of such a disease is suspected so that immediate and effective actions can be implemented as soon as its presence is confirmed. Such measures are aimed at preventing the spread of the disease, in particular by carefully controlling movements of aquaculture animals and products thereof liable to spread the infection.

The diseases of Community importance and the susceptible species included in Directive 2006/88/EC are listed in Part II of Annex IV pdf. Those diseases are classified in two categories:

  • Exotic diseases pdf or diseases of special importance which have never been detected in the Community.

    Community policy with regard to those diseases is the swift eradication as a first option.

    When one of those diseases is suspected, the official services must initiate official investigations to confirm or rule out its presence. No movements of aquatic animals, whether dead or alive, are allowed without the authorisation of the official service. When the presence of the disease is confirmed, aquaculture animals should be harvested as soon as possible to avoid the spread of the disease.
  • Non exotic diseases pdf or important diseases that have been detected in the Community.

    Community policy with regard to those diseases is either to contain them or to eradicate them in the long term.

    Where aquatic animals are suspected of being infected with a non-exotic disease an official investigation must be initiated to confirm or rule out the presence of the disease. Disease-free areas will loose their status as free from the disease until it is proven that the disease is eradicated.
  • Article 43 of Directive 2006/88/EC may be used as legal basis to control diseases not listed in Part II Annex IV that constitutes a significant risk for the animal health of aquaculture or wild aquatic animals in a Member State.

The Community reference laboratories for aquatic diseases are:



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