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Food and feed safety
Animal Health and welfare
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Meetings on animal disease categorisation

Specific, reduced setting of meetings for this group takes place within the framework of the Animal Health Advisory Committee. This means the participation of only the 3 representatives of Chief Veterinary Officers of three Member States of past, present and future Presidency, joining EU animal health stakeholders participating in the Committee meetings. More information on these meetings (including agendas, presentations etc.) can be found here.

2 December 2013 - Joint meeting of the national reference laboratories for African Horse sickness and bluetongue.

5 July 2013 - Meeting on new type of Sarcocystis-like parasite in rainbow trout at farms in continental Sweden.

13 June 2013, Specific meeting in the context of the Conference on Animal, Plant and Control Package: Smarter Rules for Safer Food

3-4 June 2013, Meeting of the national reference laboratories for African swine fever (ASF) and classical swine fever (CSF).

14 March 2013 – Expert group meeting on the aquatic diagnostic manual.

The summaries and other details of other meetings of this group in 2013 will be available shortly



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