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Food and feed safety
Animal Health and welfare
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Specific, reduced setting of regular meetings take place in the framework of the Animal Health Advisory Committee. This means the representatives of Chief Veterinary Officers of only the three Member States of past, present and future Presidency joining EU animal health stakeholders participating in the Committee meetings. More information on these meetings (including agendas, presentations etc.) in 2012 can be found here.

07 December 2012 - Expert group meeting on animal health law

03 October 2012 - Specific meeting in the context of the Conference on Economics of Animal Health: A price worth paying?

30-31 May 2012 - 16th annual meeting of the national reference laboratories for fish diseases

14-15 March 2012 – Annual meeting of National Reference Laboratories for mollusc diseases

Meetings for coordination of EU position at OIE General Session

The deliberations from these meetings are summarised in the official position of the European Union to be proposed for adoption at the 80th General Session in May 2012 on the OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code and OIE Aquatic Animal Health Code, respectively.

Series of expert group meetings on Schmallenberg virus - Summary



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