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Member State and EFTA/EEA countries

If you are an economic operator, please apply for registration as a 'TRAde Control and Expert System' (TRACES) user, to the TRACES administrator(s) or competent authorities in your country. Once your account has been registered and validated by your TRACES competent authority, you can issue veterinary certificates for your animals and animal products.

Non-EU countries

Non EU countries wanting to export animals or animal products to the EU more easily can join the 'TRAde Control and Expert System' (TRACES) network.

In order to export to the European Union and to be inserted in the lists of approved establishments, economic operators (private sector) must contact their country's competent authorities for authorisation.

Dr. Didier CARTON
Head of 'TRAde Control and Expert System' (TRACES) Sector
'Animal Health and Standing Committees' Unit D1
European Commission –'Health and Consumers Directorate General'
Rue Breydel 4
Office 03/056
1049 Brussels

Non EU Countries: TRACES training for competent authorities

A 'TRAde Control and Expert System' (TRACES) workshop for competent authorities in Non EU countries can be part of the 'Better Training for Safer Food' (BTSF) programme so to qualify competent authorities to become TRACES administrators in their country.

Non EU Countries: Approved establishment lists' management

'TRAde Control and Expert System' (TRACES) also manages the publication of the lists of approved establishments, which are authorised to export animal products to the European Union, by their competent authorities. Once a Non EU country uses TRACES, it can use the platform to propose new establishments or amendments to already listed establishments, following the procedure depending upon the Chapter (Food, Feed or Semen/Embryo).

See 'Approved establishment lists (LMS)' to find out more about the implementation of this topic in TRACES.
Visit the 'LMS website' for all additional questions on 'Approved establishment lists' (LMS)

Specific questions & partners

Get a contact list of people from the EU TRACES team at

Visit the 'LMS website' for all questions on 'Approved establishment lists' (LMS).

Visit the 'RASFF website' for all questions on 'Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed' (RASFF).

Visit the 'BTSF website' for all questions on 'Better Training for Safer Food' (BTSF).

Visit 'EXPORT Helpdesk' for all questions on non veterinary/sanitary matters like market access, VAT, customs...



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