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   EU Animal Health Strategy (2007-2013) - Third country Survey

The purpose of this survey is to collect comments and views from third countries on their experience for imports into the EU (e.g. authorisation and approvals, requirements, FVO inspections, certification, border controls etc.). The survey is based on a specific QUESTIONNAIRE .
Results available HERE

The third countries to be targeted by the survey were selected by the Commission services to represent a wide range of situations in terms of their stage of economic development, geo-political background and trade relations with the EU.

In order to be as inclusive as possible, the evaluation team will also take into account spontaneous responses from Third countries (competent authorities, exporters, importers, traders.) that are not directly contacted by the Commission services.

List of countries to be targeted by the survey of third countries (see p25 of inception report).

Argentina China Namibia Serbia & Montenegro
Armenia Croatia * New Zealand South Africa
Australia Georgia Nicaragua Switzerland *
Azerbaijan Iceland * Norway * Thailand
Botswana Madagascar Paraguay Turkey *
Bulgaria * Mexico Peru Ukraine
Canada Moldova Romania * USA
Chile Morocco Russia Vietnam

* Acceding and candidate countries or with similar legislation


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