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The new Animal Health Strategy - Science, Innovation and Research

Science, Innovation and Research

Science is the foundation of the new Animal Health policy – and it will be on the basis of solid scientific advice and information that future animal health rules are developed. With that in mind, the EU will work to stimulate scientific innovation and research, and to ensure sufficient funding in this area through public-private partnerships.

Through the new strategy, the network of national reference laboratories will be further developed, thereby maximising the knowledge and expertise that exists in Europe. The activities of the European Food Safety Authority in the field of animal health will also be increased, and the work of the Community Reference Laboratories re-evaluated.

The 7th Research Framework Programme (2007-13) runs parallel to the new animal health strategy, and will be an important tool in supporting research into animal health and welfare issues. The aim of scientific and research policy is to cultivate a reputation for scientific excellence, transparency and reliability. This will help to increase the EU’s standing on the international stage and support the EU in resolving differences with trading partners. It will also be the key to maintaining a high level of consumer confidence and trust across the EU.

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