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The new Animal Health Strategy - Consultation Process

General consultation on possible approaches for the new Animal Health Law

A general consultation addressed to the general public, stakeholders, MS and third countries was carried out from 23 October to 31 December 2009 via an online Interactive Policy Making tool.

This served to collect input on the main problems identified in relation to current EU animal health policy and to check, add to and, if necessary, redirect possible approaches to solving them.

The online questionnaire was addressed to anyone with a stake in animal health and welfare, especially stakeholders involved in keeping live animals and in the production of, trade in, import or export of live animals and products of animal origin, or in legal and economic affairs related to these areas including non-professional animal keepers, national organizations, associations, etc.

Questionnaire pdf

The consultation drew a good number of responses (over 150). Summary results of the consultation, based on the responses to the questionnaire is available herepdf.

Consultation on administrative burden, administrative costs and compliance costs related to current Animal Health legislation and the new possible elements of the Animal Health Law

In the framework of the consultation process for the creation of the new Animal Health Law, as a further step two other questionnaires were also developed:

The purpose of these two questionnaires was to collect readily available data on administrative costs (cost linked to information obligations) for the competent authorities and the operators and compliance costs incurred by operators when implementing EU animal health legislation. These were circulated to all Member States and to the mailing list of the Animal Health Advisory Committee, respectively.

The outcomes of these consultations were used as input to the analysis of impacts.

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