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An EU Animal Health Law - Steering group

The steering group convened by Unit D1 of the Directorate-General for Health and Consumers comprised experts from national veterinary authorities, experts from international organizations and other interested stakeholders.

In particular, delegates from national veterinary authorities of Germany, Italy, Hungary, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Sweden, Slovenia Lithuania, Finland, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland have participated, as well as delegates from the following international, economic or non-governmental organisations: Copa-Cogeca, OIE, UECBV, FVE, FESSASS, IFAH-Europe, FEAP, AVEC, Vier Pfoten.

The steering group had 4 meetings during the first semester of 2009. The agendas and summaries of the meetings were made available only to the participants. Nevertheless, please find below several working, overview, supporting and/or other documents of relevance which were used during these meetings as tools to focus on and consider certain factors.

In addition, the work of the steering group has greatly assisted the Commission Services in compiling an overview document indentifying current problems on the area of EU animal health legislation and implementation thereof and which will be used later on for further analysis. This document is also attached below.

No more meetings of the steering group is currently scheduled.

Certain basic horizontal concepts as they are used during the Impact Assessment process of the new Animal Health LawPDF

Terms of Reference for the Steering group for the creation of the Animal Health LawPDF

AHL Impact Assessment – analyses of costsPDF

Certain aspects of Comitology procedure on the animal health areaPDF

Some aspects of comitology on the area of animal health legislationPDF

Existing EU Animal Health framework – identification of implementation problemsPDF

Impact Assessment-Problem definitionPDF

Roadmap – main target dates in the creation of the Animal Health LawPDF

Working Document on the Structure of the Animal Health Law and Relation to Linked Policy AreasPDF

Working Document on problem identification during the creation of the animal Health lawPDF

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