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  The new Animal Health Strategy - Strategy's progressslide

Underlying principles (activity 1-2.)
1. Defining priorities (activity 3.)
2. A Modern Legal Framework (activity 4-10.)
3. Prevention and control (activity 11-24.)
4. Science, Innovation and Research (activity 25-31.)

A challenging EU Animal Health Strategy (2007-2013)

The timetable for delivery of all the specific actions included in this strategy will depend on the position of the Council and the Parliament, and also on our human resources capacity.

Below are the activities, milestones and orientative date for completion asssed. This table gives an overview of the activities persued.

Underlying principles: Partnership and Communication

Activities Milestones Leadership Orientative date for completion
1. Creation and management of the Animal Health Advisory Committee First meeting and procedures SANCO D1 Done (27 Feb 2008)
3 to 4 meeting/year Quarterly (2008-2013)
2. - Animal Health Communication Plan Veterinary Week on biosecurity "Make citizens/farmers more aware of their responsibilities" SANCO/TAXUD/ AGRI in partnership with FVE 10 -16 November 2008
Roadshow 2008/2009 SANCO D1
EU Veterinary week 2009 - EU Veterinary Students Seminar
Agenda & présentations
Main Conclusions
SANCO D1 1-2 July 2009
EU Veterinary Week 2009 "One Health" Conference SANCO D1, E2, A1 28 September to 4 October 2009
Summary of events in EU Veterinary Faculties SANCO D1 September to October 2009
EU Veterinary week 2010 - EU Veterinary Students Seminar
Agenda & présentations
SANCO D1 8-9 March 2010
Improving SANCO Website: SANCO D1/ SANCO A1 2007-2013
1. AH strategy - Action Plan June 2008
2. Best practices 2009
3. Questions and answers 2009
Annual Communication Plan December (yearly)
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1. Defining priorities

Activities Milestones Leadership Orientative date for completion
3.1 Categorisation of animal disease risks (relevance for EU intervention) CVOs - preparatory work SANCO D1/E2 Done (Feb 2008)
Study in partnership with OIE on categorisation and impact of animal diseases mid 2008 to mid 2009
Study in partnership with ETPGAH (Discontools) Methodology to prioritise animal diseases + database (in close relation with point 27) March 2008 to 2012
Steering group (scoping paper) 2nd semester 2008
Possible integration into the Animal Health Law (point 4) CLWP 2010 (possibly)
3.2 Categorisation of chemical risks (relevant for EU intervention) Annual residues Control Plan SANCO E3 Yearly
NB: The action plan sets out some ambitious aims, not just for the Commission but for everyone with an interest in animal health. The Commission encourages all partners involved to consider how they may contribute to the action plan. The Commission will create different Task forces or Steering groups to direct the different actions foreseen in the Animal Health Strategy. It may invite official experts from the Member states to participate in the different Task forces and even open the different Steering groups to additional private expertise from the stakeholders' organisations.
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2. A Modern Legal Framework

Activities Milestones Leadership Orientative date for completion
A single and clearer regulatory framework
4. An EU Animal Health Law CVOs - preparatory work SANCO D1 Done (Feb 2008)
Steering Group (Scoping paper) 2nd semester 2008
Consultation process 2009
Regulatory proposal (IA) done in May 2013
4a. Review of Council Directive 90/167/EEC concerning the preparation, placing on the market and use of medicated feedingstuffs in the Community External status quo survey SANCO D2 February 2010
Road map February 2010
Consultation process 1st semester 2011
Impact assessment and regulatory proposal Done, 2014
Developing efficient cost and responsibility sharing schemes
5. Animal Diseases: Revision of the financial instrument (90/424/EC) CVOs - preparatory work SANCO D1/04 Done (Feb 2008)
Steering Group (scoping paper) 2nd semester 2008
Feasibility Study (including consultation process):
1. Open Call for tender (Terms of reference) 1st semester 2009
2. Launch of the study 2nd semester 2009
3. Results mid 2010
Regulatory proposal (IA) CLWP 2013
6. Feed sector: Harmonised EU framework of financial guarantees Commission Report to the Council and to the European Parliament SANCO E2 Done (August 2007)
Steering Group to launch a consultation process 2nd semester 2008
Consultation process Results end 2009
Possible Regulatory proposal depending on consultation process and IA results CLWP 2010 (possibly)
Clearer and more risk-proportionate rules on animal by-products
7. Revision of Regulation (EC) No 1774/2002 on animal by-products Regulatory proposal (IA) SANCO D1 CLWP 2008 (June)
Note: based on the proposal, EU legislation has been adopted as Regulation (EC) 1069/2009
Implementing rules by Comitology SANCO D1 2011
EU influence on international standards
8. Improve EU coordination and promoting EU standards in the OIE on the basis on sound scientific evidence Up-to-date EU comments and positions for the OIE General Session in May SANCO G2 Ongoing annually
Up-to-date EU comments for the respective OIE Specialised Commissions in February/March Ongoing annually
Commission membership of the Advisory Committee of the OIE World Animal Health and Welfare Fund Ongoing annually
Commission membership of the Global Framework for the progressive control of Trans-boundary Animal Diseases (GF-TADs) Global Steering Committee and Commission Presidency of the GF-TADs for Europe Regional Steering Committee Ongoing
Membership of EC experts in various OIE working groups and ad hoc groups, and participation of EC experts in sessions, seminars, workshops, and Regional and Global conferences of the OIE Ongoing
9. Further developed and formalised cooperation between the European Commission and the OIE Memorandum of Understanding between the European Commission and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) concerning their general relations SANCO G2 Concluded in 2011
Towards an export strategy at community level
10. Better prioritisation of actions against sanitary barriers and negotiating EU export conditions: locally based EU Market Access Teams Market Access Strategy for European Exporter (COM 2007/183) TRADE C1/G1 SANCO D4/AGRI Done (18/4/2007)
Creation of Market access Working groups (set up of priorities) 2nd semester 2008
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3. Prevention and control

Activities Milestones Leadership Orientative date for completion
Supporting on farm biosecurity measures
11. 1 Development of EU Guidelines (different types of production systems and species) Scoping paper (Stakeholders) Stakeholders 2nd semester 2008
defining priorities/timetable Sanco D1/AGRI coordinat.
Stakeholders consultation AH Advisory Committee 1st semester 2009
Agreement from Commission SANCO 1st semester 2009
Preparation of guidelines Stakeholders 2009 onwards
11. 2 Procedures to recognize/adopt EU guidelines Integration of procedures into the Animal Health Law (point 4) SANCO D1 CLWP 2010
12. Provision of funding to finance and promote on-farm bio-security measures and training for farmers (based on the EU guidelines) Making use of possibilities offered through the current Rural development programmes (such as investments on farms - infrastructures, training for farmers, farm advisory services, implementation of legal standards) AGRI 2007 - 2013
Commission services working group on the possibilities for MS to include biosecurity programmes in their national strategy AGRI REGIO MARE 2ns semester 2008
TRACES: single portal for all veterinary matters
13. Wider and integrated electronic system, with a unified database including certification, animal identification, and health and welfare status "Cascais Conclusions ": State of play and perspectives SANCO D1 Done (Oct 2007)
Creation of the import certification module (for third countries) Done (Dec 2007)
Integration of the third country establishment listing
(for registered users) - (for unregistered users)
Done (March 2008)
Interoperability with the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) 1st semester 2009
Creation of the export certification module (e.g. Russia) 1st semester 2009
Development of web services for interoperability between TRACES and national databasis (SANREF) 2nd semester 2009
Integration of geographical information system (GIS) related to animal transportation 1st semester 2009
Wider Interoperated electronic system including RASFF, ADIS, etc.. depending on results of actions 14, 15, 16 and 20 2010 - 2013
14. Interoperability for national identification databases Task force (scoping paper) SANCO D1 1st semester 2009
Pilot phase (on volontary basis for some Member States) ==> feasibility 2009 - 2010
Follow up depending on results 2010 onwards
15. 1 Electronic identification (bovine) Scoping paper SANCO D1 Done 1st semester 2008
Feasibility study pdf - (cost/benefit analysis) Jan – May 2009
Steering group 2nd semester 2009
Stakeholder consultation 2010
Regulatory proposal CLWP 2011
15. 2 Electronic identification (equine) Commission Regulation SANCO D1 June 2008
16. Electronic certification to replace paper certification for movements and imports of live animals and products of animal origin Steering group SANCO D1 1st semester 2009
Technical Study defining IT specifications 2nd semester 2009
Feasibility study (cost/benefit analysis) 2011
Regulatory proposal 2013
Better border biosecurity
17. Revision of import legislation: Risk-based approach to border inspections - ( targeting illegal trade). CVOs - preparatory work SANCO D3 Done (Feb 2008)
MS consultation - questionnaire 2nd quarter 2008
Steering group (scoping paper) 2nd semester 2008
Stakeholders consultation 2009
Regulatory proposal (IA) CLWP 2010
18. Coordination of agencies/services regulating imports (customs/veterinary services) Report of Customs Working Group on Avian Influenza with recommendations to improve enforcement to combat emerging public and animal health risks relating to international trade . TAXUD Done (March 2007)
Distribution of targetted Risk Information to Customs 2007 - onwards
Ensure active participation of Customs administrations in the European Veterinary Week November 2008
Establishment of a Single Window/Single Electronic Access Point January 2013
19. Risk management at third/neighbouring country level: The SPS group (led by DG Dev) will assess whether additional actions / fields of intervention are needed and will report to the DGs concerned (RELEX, DEV, ENLARG, AIDCO, TRADE, SANCO
20. Development of an Animal Diseases Information System (ADIS): - Compatible with the OIE system - Interoperability with TRACES - Data collection based on identified key indicators - Public information Steering group (scoping paper) SANCO D1 2nd semester 2008
Feasibility Study: Information system/key indicators Results (end 2009)
Stakeholders consultation 1st semester 2010
Possible Regulatory proposal on implementing rules (basic principles will be included in the animal health law - action N°4) CLWP 2011 (possibly)
21. Training support in Member States (Better Training for Safer Food programme) Annual programme + reporting SANCO E2 yearly
Evaluation (impact and quality of the programme) SANCO E2 mid 2008 - mid 2009
Improvement of EU preparedness against major threats to animal health
22. Improvement of DG SANCO crisis preparedeness and management (animal health) Internal audit SANCO 01 Done (March 2008)
Action Plan (agreement) SANCO Audit Committee Done (May 2008)
Action Plan (implementation) SANCO D1 mid 2008 - mid 2009
23. EU Rapid response network/ crisis management/communication capacity Steering group (Terms of Reference PDF) SANCO D/04 1st semester 2009
External evaluation PDF done: end 2011 - mid 2012
24. Reinforcement of the necessary EU antigen/vaccine banks Task force SANCO D1 2nd semester 2008
Policy paper (in particular budgetary and human resources implication) ==> budget mid term review 2009 beginning 2009
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4. Science, Innovation and Research

Activities Milestones Leadership Orientative date for completion
25. To mobilise and coordinate scientific resources throughout the EU in order to provide scientific advice within the remit of EFSA in the area of Animal Health Networking and collaborating with national, EU and international organizations: EFSA/SANCO 03
Meetings of scientific panels 2007 - onwards
Advisory Forum on Animal Health (creation of network) Done (May 2008)
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with EU/international organisations:
MoU with ECDC Done (April 2008)
MoU with EMEA Dec 2008
Collaboration agreement with JRC Dec 2008
Meetings with TSE and microbiological networks yearly
Focal point agreements with MS Dec 2008
Contracting scientific work (networking with national organisations): Launching of 5 projects (Art 36 founding regulation) and 18 contracts EFSA 2008
Scientific events to review knowledge and stimulate debate on scientific developments: EFSA
Animal Welfare Risk Asessment methods workshop November 2008
Campylobacter colloquium December 2008
To develop effective collaboration on data exchange between EFSA and other relevant EU and national bodies in order to decrease time needed for delivery of scientific advice EFSA/SANCO 03 End 2010
To introduce an effective methology to compare different risk assessments in order to avoid unnecessary divergence in scientific opinions between EFSA and other EU and national bodies EFSA End 2009
Improvement of the methods of risk assessment in animal welfare in combination with animal diseases and food safety EFSA End 2012
Defining and assessing indicators for animal welfare for food producing animals that could be used in a harmonised European monitoring system EFSA End 2010
26. Evaluation of the Community Reference Laboratories in the field of animal health and live animals Evaluation Steering group SANCO D1/E2 Done (Jan 2008)
Open Call for tender (Terms of reference) April 2008
Launch of the evaluation Dec 2008
Evaluation Results 2nd semester 2009
Stakeholders consultation 1st semester 2010
Possible Regulatory proposal depending on evaluation results CLWP 2010 (possibly)
27 Research action plan involving the industry and other relevant stakeholders. Prioritisation of animal-related threats and will identify the "gaps" in existing control tools for surveillance, diagnosis, vaccination and treatment. Strategic Research Agenda SRA European Technology Platform for Global Animal Health (ETPGAH) Done (2007)
SRA Implementation (in close relation with action N° 3) 2007 - 2013
28. Appropriate level of funding to implement the research action plan (public-private partnerships) FP7- Workprogrammes RESEARCH 2007-2013
National research programmes/ERA-NET Member States
Private sector
29. Suitable framework at Community level to provide more incentives to manufacturers to develop new medicines and diagnostic tools Proposal for a Regulation laying down Community procedures for the establishment of residue limits of pharmacologically active substances in foodstuffs of animal origin, and repealing Regulation (EEC) No 2377/90 ENTR/SANCO Done (2007)
Note: based on the proposal, EU legislation has been adopted as Regulation (EC) 470/2009
Discussion of policy on the use of authorised vaccines within the Animal Health Strategy SANCO/ENTR EMEA 2009
Measures to increase knowledge on the availability of EMEA Assistance to Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and applicants for Minor Uses Minor Species (MUMS) products EMEA 2008-2009
Introduction of the "Multistrain Dossier" Concept (facilitating change and addition of strains to an existing authorisation): ENTR/EMEA
- Revision of Annex 1 of Directive 2001/82/EC ENTR Done (2009)
- Revision of the Variation Regulations (Regulations 1084 and 1085/2003) ENTR Done (2008)
Guidelines on the details of the various categories of variations ENTR 2009/2010
Guidelines on the operation of the variation procedures ENTR 2009/2010
- Proposal for harmonised rules for variations to all types of marketing authorisations of medicinal products for veterinary use ENTR Done (2009)
Note: based on the proposal, EU legislation has been adopted as Directive 2009/53/EC
- Report and possible review of the EMEA fee regulation and consideration of fee incentives for vaccines used as part of the Animal Health Strategy ENTR 2010
- Technical guidance EMEA 2008 - 2011
Review of EU veterinary medicines legislation SANCO D3
- Assessment of problems in application of Directive 2001/82/EC 2009-2010
- Public consultation First semester 2010
- Impact assessment and regulatory proposal Done 2014
30. Surveillance and control of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in zoonotic agents by the use of antibiotics in animals Harmonised monitoring of antimicrobial resistance in zoonotic agents in poultry and pigs:
Commission Decison 2007/407/EC - Commission Decision 2007/516/EC
SANCO E2 Done (2007)
Control programmes for reduction of Salmonella in poultry and pigs SANCO E2 2007 -2010
Working group on anti microbiological resistance SANCO C3/E2 June 2008
EFSA opinion on Foodborne antimicrobial resistance as biological hazard EFSA July 2008
Measures and advice from Committee for Medicinal Products for Veterinary Use to promote the prudent use of antimicrobials in veterinary medicines, including a reflection paper on use of 3rd and 4th generation cephalosporins in food-producing animals EMEA 2008 -2011
Joint scientific opinion on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) focused on zoonotic infections ECDC, EFSA, EMEA, SCENIHR Oct 2009
Staff Working Paper of the services of the Commission on antimicrobial resistance SANCO E2 Nov 2009
Public consultation on the Staff working paper on antimicrobial resistance SANCO E2 First quarter 2010
31. Support for research in third/neighbouring countries (international cooperation), especially for exotic diseases of high relevance or for neglected zoonoses which have a serious impact on those countries Co-ordination Group - ETPGAH (SRA) RESEARCH/DEV 2008 - onwards
Action Plan 1st semester 2009
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