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The Animal Health Advisory Committee has been created as a working group of the Advisory Group on the Food Chain and Animal and Plant Health (AG) – Article 4.2 of Commission Decision 2004/613/EC of 6 August 2004. It is chaired by the Director of SANCO Directorate D, with the special participation of 3 representatives of Chief Veterinary Officers of three Member States (past, present and future Presidency). The AH Advisory Committee will report annually to the Advisory Group.

As a working group, there is no specific membership. Invitations are sent to:

  • All members of the AG on the Food Chain, Animal and Plant Health.
  • Representatives of animal owners, the veterinary profession, food chain businesses, animal health industries, animal interest groups, researchers and teachers, governing bodies of sport and recreational organisations, educational facilities, consumers, travellers. The Commission also welcomes the participation of small or newly created associations when representation of a specific sector is missing (such as pets' associations, hobby farmers, zoos' representatives etc.)
  • EU or other international bodies (such as EFSA, EMEA, ECDC, OIE, FAO),
  • Third countries representatives or specific expertise when needed.
  • Stakeholders



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