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   EU Animal Health Strategy (2007-2013) - CAHP Evaluation Team

Justification, objectives and purposes for CAHP evaluation

The Food Chain Evaluation Consortium (FCEC) is working under a framework contract with DG SANCO for the evaluation of policies related to the food chain. The FCEC brings together a diverse team of multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral skills, including economists, policy analysts, and scientific and veterinary experts from various MS. Our team has a long track record of policy evaluation in the areas of agriculture, food, and feed, for the European Commission and national administrations in the EU. The FCEC is composed of the following four companies: Civic Consulting (lead contractor, Germany), Bureau Van Dijk (Belgium), Agra CEAS Consulting (UK/Belgium), and Arcadia International eeig. The Community Animal Health Policy (CAHP) evaluation is led by Agra CEAS Consulting and performed jointly by all partners.

The "Evaluation of the Community Animal Health Policy (CAHP) during 1995-2004 and alternatives for the future" is the first assignment under the framework contract. An outline of the evaluation objectives and key questions has been developed through an extensive consultation process carried out by the Commission services. The methodology to be followed during the evaluation of the CAHP was presented to the Commission's Steering Group for this project and was approved on 7 July. The final report of the evaluation is due for completion in July 2006.

Conrad Caspari is Managing Director of Agra CEAS Consulting. He is based at Imperial College, University of London and in Brussels, and has Masters degrees in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and in Agricultural Economics from Oxford University. He worked for the Food and Drink Industries Council and the Economist Intelligence Unit in London before joining Bureau Européen de Recherches in Brussels in 1986. Over the years, he has gained considerable experience in the operation of agricultural and food policies, food sector and market analysis and related environmental and trade issues. He has undertaken a broad range of projects (over 250) both in the EU-25 and worldwide, including numerous public policy evaluation assignments for the European Commission.

Dr Maria Christodoulou is Director of Agra CEAS Consulting, Brussels. After graduating in Economics from the University of Athens, Maria completed a Masters and a Doctorate in Agricultural Economics from the University of Reading, and a training period within the European Commission's DG Agriculture. Since she joined Agra CEAS in 1992, Maria has worked on an extensive range of economic, policy and business impact studies and has, over the years, built up specific expertise on the European agri-food marketing chain and international trade and competition issues. Maria has previously undertaken a number of evaluations for the Commission services, including the impact of the Internal Market Programme on the EU food industry, and the impact of non-tariff barriers on EU exporters of processed foods to selected third countries.

Dr Bill Vandaele is a doctor in veterinary medicine and a senior consultant with a strong industry background. As Managing Director of BVD Consultants and a founding member of Arcadia, he has accumulated nearly 40 years experience in regulatory and scientific aspects of animal health and food nutrition, veterinary medicine, feed additive and biotechnology, including extended contacts with selected National Food Standards agencies throughout the EU. He acted for many years as an expert to DGXIII - Innovation Life Sciences as an evaluator of RTD projects. He has also been a member of the team evaluating the European Food Safety Authority.

Dr Rodolphe de Borchgrave: Managing Partner of Arcadia International ® eeig, a food-chain consultancy which he founded in 1998. Prior to this date, Rodolphe was Managing Director of Cadmos management consultants. He also held senior consulting and management responsibilities with major and reputable consultancies such as AT Kearney and Price Waterhouse. Having conducted and carried out numerous projects in various sectors and regions, he acquired a solid experience in a range of management related disciplines and issues such as competitiveness, supply chain and logistics, organisation and institutional change. Since 1992, he specialises in agri-business and food industry issues. Examples of his work are in GMO and non-GMO economics, pesticides market studies, food and feed ingredient markets, food safety policies , traceability and supply chain management, food production systems. He consults with the EC since more than 20 years. Rodolphe obtained a Dr. Sciences (physical- chemistry) from the University of Louvain, a graduate in Operations Research from the University of Brussels and followed the General Management Programme at INSEAD. He was Professor at the College of Europe.

Laurence van Nieuwenhuyse is Commercial Engineer from the Institut Catholique des Hautes Etudes Commerciales in Brussels and Senior Consultant at Bureau van Dijk. She has ten years of experience in the field of evaluation and impact assessment for the European Commission: she has conducted the evaluation of the Consumer Policy Action Plan 1999-2001 for DG SANCO, is involved in the current evaluation of the European Food Safety Authority and has participated as expert and technical coordinator to most evaluation assignments of Bureau van Dijk, for DG Research, DG INFSO, DG TREN, DG JAI and the EUREKA initiative.

Dr. Frank Alleweldt is Managing Director of Civic Consulting and has a PhD in Environmental Management. Through his leadership of several evaluation assignments and studies for the European Commission he has gained a sound appreciation of food chain issues. He directed several impact assessments, including on the possible adoption of a new proposal recasting legislation on feed labelling. He recently finalised a study on Financial Guarantees in the Feed Sector, which provides guidance on different options and instruments for a system of financial guarantees in the feed sector. In 2002 he was team leader of the ex-ante impact assessment of the Green Paper on EU consumer protection. He has more than15 years of working experience, of which more than10 years are in the consumer protection sector.


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