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EU Animal Health Strategy (2007-2013) - CAHP Evaluation

Justification, objectives and purposes for CAHP evaluation

Ten years after the establishment of the single market, Directorate General for Health and Consumer Protection believes that an external evaluation PDF of the Community Animal Health Policy - CAHP - is appropriate.

The first objective of the evaluation is to analyse, in an independent way, the results of the CAHP as compared to the acknowledged objectives. This evaluation ensure transparency and accountability in reporting results of the CAHP activities and impacts to European citizens.

The second objective of the CAHP evaluation is to establish if changes to the CAHP strategy are needed, including possible improvements to its structure and working practices. This evaluation have a strong focus on recommendations for the design of the future policy.

In the policy area related to the EU financial aspects, the evaluation team is requested to assess the option of an EU-wide harmonised "insurance scheme" covering the risks of livestock epidemics and the costs resulting from them.

The points of importance to the different policy areas are examined through key evaluative questions . PDF

The evaluation team was requested to consult stakeholders PDF at Community, national and international level and to take their views into account.

With the objective of collecting the view of stakeholders on the past Community Animal Health Policy (1995-2004) as well as their suggestion for the future, a survey has been launched in January 2006. All stakeholders were invited to fill a GENERAL QUESTIONNAIRE by the end of February. Results are available HERE PDF. In parallel a specific SURVEY OF THIRD COUNTRIES is also undertaken in relation to the imports into the EU. Results are available HERE PDF.

A Steering Group PDF (Updated 20-01-2006) advised the Health and Consumer Protection Deputy Director General and conducted the project. It was composed of Members of the Commission services, European Food Safety Authority and representatives of the Member States.

Evaluation planning - Indicative timeframe

Deliverables / reports Timeframe
Contractor's offer PDF June/July 2005
Inception report (methodology) PDF November 2005
Interim report PDF Avril 2006
Final report July 2006
Presentation of the report to the stakeholders
Austrian-Finnish Presidency Conference
Final Agenda PDF (Updated 07-11-2006)
7 November 2006