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November 2006 Conference

Final Agenda pdf Updated 8-11-2006

Conference on Community Animal Health Policy Strategy (2007-2013)

Brussels, Charlemagne, 7 November 2006
Towards an effective, affordable and socially acceptable animal health policy in the European Union.

Morning session (AM)

Panel 1 - Discussion on Challenges for the future CAHP (Click to access participants' interventions)
Chaired by Ms Avril Doyle MEP, Com. Env.


  • Mr Neil Cutler COPA COGECA
  • Mr Nigel Gibbens Steering Group Member, UK
  • Mr Ole Münster BEUC
  • Mr Piet Thijsse UECBV
  • Mr Bernard Van Goethem DG SANCO, EC
  • Mr Bernard Vallat OIE
  • Mr Hermanus Versteijlen DG AGRI, EC
  • Mr Martijn Weijtens Deputy CVO, NL

Summary of the morning session by:

  • Mr Matti Aho CVO, FI
  • Mr Robert Madelin DG SANCO Director General (Sound file)

Summary of the discussion

Afternoon session (PM)

Panel 2 - Discussion on options to improve "Biosecurity". (Click to access participants' interventions)
Chaired by Mr Joseph Daul MEP, Com Agri.


  • Mr Howard Batho DG SANCO, EC
  • Mr Dario Baumgarten 3rd country Rep (Paraguay Embassy)
  • Mr J. Domenech FAO
  • Mr Krzysztof Jazdzewski Steering Group Member, PL
  • Dr Ulrich Löhren AVEC
  • Mr Bernard Terrand FESASS
  • Mr Jan Vaarten FVE
  • Mr Veikko Tuovinen Private Vet, FI

Summary of the discussion

Panel 3 - Discussion on Harmonised responsibility and cost sharing schemes: options for epidemic livestock diseases (Click to access participants' interventions)
Chaired by Mr Jan Mulder MEP, Com Budg


  • Mr Nicolas Douzain UECBV
  • Mr Laurent Fischer CEJA
  • Dr Uta Flebbe Tierseuchenkasse, DE
  • Mr Stewart Houston UK – JIGWG
  • Mr Alberto Laddomada DG SANCO, EC
  • Mr Marabelli CVO - Italy
  • Mr Per Olsen COPA-COGECA
  • Dr Lothar Zschiesche CEA

Summary of the discussion

Summary and concluding remarks