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  Schmallenberg Virusslide

Scientific Seminar on Management of Schmallenberg Virus, Brussels, 2 April 2012

The objective of the seminar was to present the latest scientific data on Schmallenberg virus and the EU risk management approach.

Programme PDF

Recording of the meeting

Scientific data on Schmallenberg virus: epidemiology, pathogenesis and its impact on livestock production
Epidemiology of the Schmallenberg virus PDF
Ana Afonso (EFSA)
The Virus in Ruminants PDF
Franz Conraths (DE-FLI)
Transmission of the Virus PDF
Stephan Zientara (FR- ANSESS)
Prevalence Studies in Animals PDF
Armin Elbers (NL-CVI)
The Impact of the Infection: Country Indicators PDF
Yves Van Der Stede (BE-CODA-CERVA)
Schmallenberg Virus, an Animal Virus? First PDF and second PDF presentations.
Marion Koopmans (NL-RIVM) and Katrin Leitmeyer (ECDC)
OIE Technical Fact Sheet PDF
Elisabeth Erlacher-Vindel (OIE)
Risk management of Schmallenberg virus
Akabane and Other Simbu Viruses: Epidemiology, Pathogenesis and Impact PDF
Peter Kirkland (Australia)
The Australian Risk Management Approach for Akabane PDF
Peter Kirkland (Australia)
Diagnostic Tools. What is available? PDF
Falko Steinbach (UK-AHVLA)
Scientific Studies in the EU PDF
Francesco Berlingieri (DG SANCO)
Risk Management and Control Strategy in the EU PDF
Francisco Reviriego Gordejo (DG SANCO)



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