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  Infectious salmon anaemiaslide

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Infectious salmon anaemia is an infectious disease of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) caused by an orthomyxo-like virus. Atlantic salmon is the only susceptible fish species known to develop the disease, but, following experimental infection, the ISA virus (ISAV) may survive and replicate in sea trout and brown trout, and in rainbow trout, which thus may act as carriers of the virus for an unknown period of time.

Transmission is done through contact with an infected fish or contaminated equipment. Even though some fish become lethargic, there are few outward signs. Interior lesions are not always grossly visible but may include haemorrhaging on the kidney and other organs, swollen eyes, fluid in the body cavity, swelling of kidney, pale gills, darkening of the posterior gut and swelling of the spleen.

For more details, click on the OIE technical cards on IHN and VHS

Control measures

Council Directive 93/53/EEC pdf introducing minimum Community measures for the control of certain fish diseases. All fish in an ISA infected farm shall be withdrawn in accordance with a scheme established by the official service and approved by the Commission.
   As amended by
    Council Directives 2000/27/EC pdf
    Commission Decision 2001/288/EC pdf

Notification and Health Situation

Infectious salmon anaemia is a notifiable disease according to Council Directive 82/894/EEC of 21 December 1982 on the notification of animal diseases within the Community.

Click on ADNS for a description of the notification system and the latest health situation table.

Diagnostic Methods and Sampling Plans

Commission Decision 2003/466/EC of 13 June establishing criteria for zoning and official surveillance following suspicion or confirmation of the presence of infectious salmon anaemia (ISA). pdf

Withdrawal schemes

Commission decision 2001/872/EC pdf of 7 December 2001 approving the scheme submitted by the United Kingdom and Ireland for the withdrawal of all fish in farms infected with infectious salmon anaemia (ISA) virus and repealing Decision 2001/494/EC.

Other Decisions concerning ISA taken by the Commission

Commission decision 2003/70/EC pdf of 29 January 2003 on certain protective measures in respect of infectious salmon anaemia in salmonids in Norway.
   As amended by
    Commission Decision 2003/392/EC pdf

Commission decision 2003/71/EC pdf of 29 January 2003 on certain protective measures in respect of infectious salmon anaemia in salmonids in the Faeroe Islands.
   As amended by
    Commission Decision 2003/392/EC pdf

Community Reference Laboratory

   Statens Veterinaere Serumslaboratorium
   Hangoevej 2
   8200 Aarhus

Other useful links

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