Control measures for certain mollusc diseasesslide

Minimum Community measures for the control of certain diseases affecting bivalve molluscs

Mollusc diseases may have a very serious effect on the shellfish industry. An outbreak of such diseases can take on epizootic proportions, causing mortality and disturbances on a scale liable considerably to reduce the profitability of shellfish farming. It is therefore necessary to establish at Community level the measures to be taken in case of outbreaks of disease, in order to ensure rational development of shellfish farming and to contribute to the protection of animal health in the Community.

The minimum Community measures for the control of the mollusc diseases referred to are laid down in Council Directive 95/70/EEC pdf of 22 December 1995. This Directive has been amended several times in order to update the legislation to new situations and new scientific knowledge.

When fish on a farm are suspected of being infected with a disease considered exotic to the Community referred to in Annex D to Directive 95/70/EC pdf the official services in the Member States must initiate official investigations to confirm or rule out the presence of the disease. No movement of molluscs is allowed without the authorisation of the official service.

List II diseases are important endemic diseases that should be contained and eradicated in the long term. Where molluscs are suspected of being infected or infected with a list II disease, i.e. Bonamia ostrea or Marteilia refringens an official investigation must be initiated to confirm or rule out the presence of the disease. Approved farms and zones will loose their status as free from the disease until it is proven that the disease is eradicated.

All farms rearing or keeping molluscs must be registered by the official service and keep record of mortality and the movement into and out of the farm.

Directives 91/67 , 93/53 and 90/70 will be merged and updated by Directive 2006/88/EC pdf of 24 October 2006 on animal health requirements for aquaculture animals and products thereof, and on the prevention and control of certain diseases in aquatic animals. Member States shall apply Directive 2006/88/EC from 1 August 2008.


- Basic texts :

Council Directive 95/70/EC pdf of 22 December 1995 defines the minimum Community measures for the control of certain diseases ( Bonamiosis and Marteiliosis) affecting bivalve molluscs.
   As amended by
   Commission Decision 2001/293/EC pdf
   Commission Decision 2003/83/EC pdf
   Council Regulation 806/2003/EC pdf
   Commission Decision 2006/775/EC pdf

- Commission decisions :

Monitoring and sampling
Commission Decision 2002/878/EC pdf of 6 November 2002 establishing the sampling plans and diagnostic methods for the detection and confirmation of the presence of the mollusc diseases Bonamiosis ( Bonamia ostreae) and Marteiliosis ( Marteilia refringens)

Reference laboratories

Annex C of Directive 95/70/EEC: List of National reference laboratories for diseases of bivalve molluscs. pdf

Community Reference Laboratory for diseases of bivalve molluscs :
   Boîte postale 133
   F-17390 La Tremblade



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