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The Commission delegated regulation on the implementation of the EU's international obligations under the International Convention for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas and the Convention on Future Multilateral Cooperation in the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries came into effect on 24 January.
Sustainable fishing practices are a real challenge for the eighty or so fishing vessels in Belgium.

Fisheries: Commission proposes reduced fishing opportunities for the Black Sea for 2011

Press release - 30/11/2010

The European Commission has tabled its proposal on fishing possibilities for fish stocks in the Black Sea for 2011.

The scientific advice points to the poor state of the two stocks concerned, turbot and sprat. This has prompted the Commission to suggest cuts in these stocks. For turbot, the situation is not improving and the stock continues to be very low and strongly overfished. The scientific advice is to keep exploitation at the lowest possible level in order to allow the stock to recover. Based on this advice the Commission is proposing a 25% reduction in the Total Allowable Catch (TAC), from 96t to 70t. For sprat, scientific evidence leads the Commission to propose a 25% reduction of the TAC, from 12 750t to 9 563t. The proposal for fishing possibilities will be discussed at the December Fisheries Council. Given the significant international dimension of fisheries in the Black Sea, the Commission is putting strong emphasis on the development of a regional approach to fisheries management in this region. Commissioner Maria Damanaki started a dialogue to this effect with her counterparts in Turkey and Russia during her visits to Istanbul and Moscow earlier this year.

Overview of TAC changes 2010-2011 (figures in tonnes unless specified)


Proposed TAC for 2010

Actual TAC for 2010

Proposed TAC for 2011








12 750

12 750


9 563