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Fisheries: Commision proposes new approach to technical measures regulation

Press release - 21/6/2012

The on-going reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) foresees a regionalised approach to fisheries management.

Rules on technical conservation measures are among the prime policy elements for regionalisation, and future technical measures should be regionally specific and developed with all stakeholders. Technical measures are rules governing how and where fishermen may fish and include rules on types of fishing gear, closed areas and other measures to protect the marine environment. Since a number of important technical measures expire on 31 December of 2012, the Commission has today adopted a proposal to ensure that these technical measures are maintained in place after this date. The measures are important for sustainable fishing and for the conservation of stocks, as well as for some Natura 2000-related measures including the protection of vulnerable deep-sea habitats.

The Commission proposes to incorporate the measures into the overarching Regulation for technical measures in the Union waters of the Atlantic Ocean (Council Regulation (EC) No 850/98). This will ensure legal certainty and continuity, and it allows time to develop a new approach to regulating technical measures in accordance with the CFP reform. The Commission intends to present a proposal for a new regionalised framework for technical conservation measures immediately after adoption of the reformed CFP.