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INSEPARABLE - Eat, Buy and Sell Sustainable FishINSEPARABLE - Eat, Buy and Sell Sustainable FishINSEPARABLE - Eat, Buy and Sell Sustainable FishINSEPARABLE - Eat, Buy and Sell Sustainable Fish

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The 19th meeting of the IOTC was held in Busan, Korea, from 24 April to 1 May 2015. The IOTC adopted six EU proposals (stand alone or co-sponsored), including improved reporting requirements, a reinsertion of the expired IOTC capacity management framework and a conservation measure on billfish with clear indications of depletion or overfishing (striped marlin, black marlin and blue marlin).
The European Commission welcomes the positive vote of the plenary of European Parliament on the multiannual Baltic Plan, a long-term management plan which establishes targets and conservation reference points for cod, sprat and herring stocks.
Today the European Parliament gave support to a legislative proposal that paves the way for effective and consistent implementation of the landing obligation under the new Common Fisheries Policy. With the vote, the Parliament has endorsed the political agreement reached earlier, in negotiations between the Parliament and the Council on the Commission proposal for a so-called Omnibus Regulation.

New Executive Director of Community Fisheries Control Agency appointed

Press release - 11/7/2011

The Administrative Board of the Community Fisheries Control Agency, meeting in Vigo today, has announced the appointment of Mr Pascal Savouret as Executive Director.

Mr Pascal Savouret, from France, has a solid background in fisheries control issues at European level. He has been Deputy Director for Fisheries at the French Direction of Fisheries and Aquaculture since 2009. He has twenty six year working experience in the Navy and in the French maritime affairs administration. He graduated at the Ecole d´administration des affaires maritimes in 1995.

The Agency is led by an Administrative Board, made up of one representative per Member State and six representatives of the Commission. The Administrative Board nominates the Executive Director for a period of five years. The vacancy notice for the new director was published on 30 March 2011, following a pre-selection by the European Commission, a final short list of candidates adopted by the College of Commissioner was presented to the CFCA Administrative Board. The Board has interviewed the candidates and appointed today the new Executive Director among the candidates.

The Executive Director is responsible for the execution of the Agency’s operational activities. He drafts the annual budget proposal and work programme after consulting the Commission and national authorities. He is independent from the Commission and Member States and is only answerable to the Administrative Board.