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How was sea bass managed in the EU until now? What does the common approach consist of? What will be proposed under the third part of this package? Sea bass landings are increasing from year to year, what will the Commission do to tackle this? Why are recreational anglers covered by the measures, when the commercial sector catches the lion share of sea bass? What about the longer term? What happens in January 2016, during the next spawning season of sea bass? What is the potential economic impact of a further decline of seabass?
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Today the Fisheries Committee of the European Parliament has voted on the multiannual Baltic Plan, a management plan adopted by the European Commission in 2014 which establishes targets and conservation reference points for stocks and promotes regionalised decision making for fisheries in the Baltic.

Current initiatives and future prospects on the agenda as Commissioner Damanaki visits Spain

Press release - 11/03/2010

Maria Damanaki, European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, arrives in Spain this evening for a three-day visit to Madrid and Vigo. During her visit, the Commissioner will meet with political leaders, industry representatives, shipowners and other stakeholders to gauge their views on a range of issues. She will also meet staff at the Community Fisheries Control Agency, based in Vigo, and see a number of local projects at work.

In Madrid, the Commissioner will hold talks with the Minister for the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs, Mrs Elena Espinosa Mangana and will meet representatives from a number of Spanish fishing industry associations to discuss a range of topical issues, including CFP reform and the future of aquaculture.

The Commissioner's itinerary in Vigo will include a visit to see the Community Fisheries Control Agency at work, a tour of Intermares – a vessel built to disseminate information and provide practical on-board training in a broad range of subjects – a visit to a shipowners' cooperative and an official dinner with ministries of Galicia. On Saturday the Commissioner will board a coastguard vessel at the Ría de Vigo and tour local shellfish farms and processing facilities.

Further details:

- website of the Community Fisheries Control Agency

- programme pdf - 15 KB [15 KB]