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INSEPARABLE - Eat, Buy and Sell Sustainable FishINSEPARABLE - Eat, Buy and Sell Sustainable FishINSEPARABLE - Eat, Buy and Sell Sustainable FishINSEPARABLE - Eat, Buy and Sell Sustainable Fish

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Seminar on price formation and marketing of fisheries and aquaculture products

Brussels, 10 December 2009

Agenda and presentations

10 December 2009


Opening Statement by Mireille THOM, Member of Commissioner Borg's Cabinet.


Price formation in the agri-food supply chain: general features and product-specific differences

  • Overview of the state of the knowledge as regards price formation in the foodstuff supply chain (meat, dairy products, vegetables).
  • Impact of processing in price formation and link between the price of raw material and the price of final product.

Speaker: Mrs Alison Burrell (JRC Sevilla) pdf - 146 KB [146 KB]


New supply chains for seafood: Implications for competition and price formation

  • Relations between producers and importers, role of the operators along the supply chain.
  • How a primary industry can face international competition and globalization?
  • Impact of imports on the price formation of European fishery and aquaculture products.

M. Frank Asche (Stavanger University) pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]
M. Matthias Keller European Association of Seafood Processors pdf - 508 KB [508 KB]


How efficient are the auctions? Focus on their role in price formation at first sale level.

  • Role of the auctions: marketing standards, cleaning, sorting and showing the product, concentration of the supply.
  • Pros and cons of the different methods: auctions, direct sales, contracts.
  • What would bring the electronic interconnection of auctions?
  • Role and added value of the wholesalers.

Mrs. Leslie Widmann (Odyssee developpement) pdf - 146 KB [146 KB]
M. Pim Visser (European Association of Fishing Ports and Auctions) pdf - 3 MB [3 MB]

M. Niels Wichmann (Europêche)


Price of fresh fish: summing up costs and margins in a competitive context

  • Operational costs and margins which add up along the supply chain.
  • Daily competition between actors, trade-offs and adjustments to be decided according to the fluctuations of the supply and the demand, perishability of the product, variability of margins depending on the products and the outlets.

M. Benoît Vidal-Giraud (Via Aqua) pdf - 444 KB [444 KB] français (fr)   and M. Jacques Combes (Proteis) pdf - 197 KB [197 KB] français (fr) M. Jacques Le Cardinal (Eurocommerce) pdf - 118 KB [118 KB] français (fr)


Consumer's preferences: impact of changes on the supply chain

  • Impact for the production sector of consumption trends towards more and more processed products and a limited number of species.
  • Short term consumer's behaviour due to the economic crisis.
  • Role of the distribution: supermarkets, HORECA.

Mrs. Karen Galloway (Seafish Authority) pdf - 208 KB [208 KB]
M. Javier Ojeda (Federation of European Aquaculture Producers pdf - 8 MB [8 MB] español (es)


Main Outcomes

The seminar was chaired by M. Christian Rambaud, Head of Unit "Trade and Markets".