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The European Commission has today put Thailand on formal notice for not taking sufficient measures in the international fight against illegal fishing (IUU).

Conference on "Tools for launching axis 4 of the EFF"

Marseille, 18-19 February, 2008

More than 100 representatives from almost all 27 Member States participated in the conference which was held in Marseille, France , on 18-19 February 2008. The participants were representatives of central and regional administrations, and potential stakeholders of future local groups, as well as experts on territorial development and Commission officials.

The objective of the conference was to provide a space for national and regional authorities and potential local actors to share information; to compare the advantages of a series of tools and methods required for launching axis 4 successfully at national or regional level and at a local level; and to provide national and regional authorities and local actors concerned with axis 4 of the EFF with an opportunity to review the state of play of the programme and to consider steps for strengthening implementation.

Agenda and presentations

Monday 18th February

10.00 – 13.00Review of the progress in launching axis 4

Welcome by Mrs Josette SPORTIELLO, Vice-President of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region, Portfolio Holder for Maritime Affairs

Welcome and introduction to the aims and programme of the seminar by the Commission (Daniela GHEORGHE, Director, DG Fisheries and Maritime Affairs pdf - 24 KB [24 KB] )


The state of play of Axis 4. Commission introduces key points from the survey (Christine FALTER, DG Fisheries and Maritime Affairs pdf - 37 KB [37 KB] )

  • Methods of selection (preliminary capacity building or direct)
  • Coherence with other initiatives
  • The size and nature of territories
  • The  number and size of groups
  • etc.


Presentation and discussion of the tools for national and regional Authorities (Yves Champetier, Director, Chambre de Commerce, Montpellier pdf - 167 KB [167 KB] )

  • Declaration of interest for the first capacity building phase
  • Assessment criteria for the declaration of interest
  • Model call for proposals
  • Assessment criteria
  • Information seminars and training for local actors

Practical workshops on tools for national and regional authorities


Four plenary presentations:

(Bérengère Banctel, chargée de mission, Ministère de l'agriculture et de la pêche and Christophe Viret, CNASEA (France pdf - 472 KB [472 KB] français (fr) )
(Miguel Lopez Sieiro, Secretario General de la Conseilleria de Pesca y Asuntos Maritimos de la Xunta de Galicia pdf - 6 MB [6 MB] español (es) )


Two parallel workshops

  • Countries with a preparatory or capacity building phase
  • Countries carrying out the selection of groups in one phase

National delegations work on their proposals for the initial launch of axis 4 (20 minutes) and report back to their workshops

Monday 19th February

09.30-11.00Introduction and practical workshops on tools for local actors

Three to four plenary presentations

pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]


Two parallel workshops. Each workshop works through 4-5
questions on:

  • How to improve local strategies
  • How to strengthen local partnerships

Next steps on Axis 4

14.30-15.30Report from the four workshops


Proposals for European and National Networking.

  • Commission Presentation (Stephanos Samaras, Head of Unit)
16.15-16.45Final messages and closure of the conference by the Commission