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After Sweden (last March) and Finland (May), the Commission has adopted an Action Plan with Lithuania on 26 November to further improve the control of Baltic fisheries.
Advertising fish products from the EU in the rest of the world has never been easier. Beside the promotional measures contemplated by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, new funds are being released to producer organisations, trade organisations and public bodies to sponsor their products and disseminate information abroad on the goodness of European fisheries products, both wild and farmed. Campaigns need to include at least another European food product, and products will feature the label: Enjoy, it's from Europe". Calls to be launched early in 2016.
Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreements (SFPAs) aim to create a partnership to promote sustainable fisheries, based on the best available scientific advice. In this context a Joint Scientific Committee (JSC) of highly qualified scientific experts needs to be established under the EU-Mauritania SFPA in order to ensure that management measures are based on the best scientific advice available.

Workshop on cetaceans

24-25 March 2009, Brussels

The European Commission organised a workshop on incidental catches of cetaceans.
The purpose of this workshop was to bring together national administrations, managers, industry, scientists and conservation groups to discuss the actions taken by Member States four years after Council Regulation 812/2004 entered into force. The participants in the workshop shared their experiences - main difficulties as well as best practices - to improve the implementation of this Regulation.

Agenda and presentations 

24 March 2009
Block 1 - State of Play

Chair: Ernesto Penas Lado (Head of Unit A2 - Common fisheries policy and aquaculture, DG MARE)


1. Opening session

  • Opening of the meeting
  • Assessment of four years of Council Regulation 812/2004. Speaker: Rita Santos pdf - 167 KB [167 KB] (Unit A2, DG MARE)

2. Current status of the populations of cetaceans in European waters Speaker: Mark Tasker pdf - 4 MB [4 MB] (JNCC, United Kingdom)


3. Implementation of Reg.812/2004: best-practices and difficulties.
Invited representatives from the different European marine areas and from industry will give presentations addressing the following points: fisheries concerned, actions being taken under Reg.812/2004 and main difficulties with the implementation of this regulation, other initiatives concerning the mitigation of impacts of fisheries on the cetacean population, and status of cetacean population.

  • Implementation of Reg.812/2004 in the North Sea
    Speaker: Simon Northridge pdf - 997 KB [997 KB] (SMRU, United Kingdom)
  • Implementation of Reg.812/2004 in the Baltic Sea
    Speaker: Sara Königson pdf - 3 MB [3 MB] (Swedish Board of Fisheries, Sweden)
  • Implementation of Reg.812/2004 in the Atlantic Sea
    Speaker: Yvon Morizur pdf - 10 MB [10 MB] (IFREMER, France)
  • Implementation of Reg.812/2004 in the Mediterranean and Black Seas
    Speaker: Antonio di Natale pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] (Aquastudio Research Institute, Italy)
  • Implementation of Reg.812/2004: view from the industry
    Speaker: Michael Andersen pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] (Europeche, ACFA member)

Member States' representatives from the different marine areas will be invited to comment and express their views in the light of their experience.

The exchange of views should notably allow to:

  • Identify the main difficulties with the implementation of Reg.812/2004 and best-practices in use;
  • Identify cooperation actions with fishing industry;
  • Identify practical measures to improve and facilitate Member States response to their obligations under Reg.812/2004;
25 March 2009
Block 2 - Mitigating the incidental catches of cetaceans

4. Mitigation devices and alternative measures to reduce the impact of fisheries on cetaceans Speakers: Dominic Rihan pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] (BIM, Ireland); Lotte Kindt-Larsen pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] (DTU Aqua, Denmark)

  • Most recent scientific and technical developments on acoustic deterrent devices;
  • Other mitigation measures/devices.
Block 3 - General discussion/Conclusions

5. General discussion and main conclusions

The Commission will present a summary of the relevant points highlighted in the workshop for comments and final discussion.


6. Closure of the meeting