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INSEPARABLE - Eat, Buy and Sell Sustainable FishINSEPARABLE - Eat, Buy and Sell Sustainable FishINSEPARABLE - Eat, Buy and Sell Sustainable FishINSEPARABLE - Eat, Buy and Sell Sustainable Fish

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The 40th annual session of the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) drew to a successful close on 3 June. Decisions taken in Malta are in line with the European Commission's strategy to improve the state of the Mediterranean fish stocks and the economic prospects of the fishing industry. Commissioner Karmenu Vella expressed his deep satisfaction with the outcome, which "ushers in a new era of action to help fish stocks recover and fishing communities thrive."
On June 5, the Port State Measures Agreement, a key international treaty aimed at combating illegal fishing will come into force. The Agreement, adopted and promoted by the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organisation, allows countries to keep illegal operators out of their ports and to prevent them from landing illegal catches.
This webinar which will take place on June 2, will cover the major ways to fund projects in blue economy and show how project promoters can combine different funding sources (EFSI, EMFF, H2020 etc).

Seminar "State of Fish Stocks and Fisheries in European Waters"

Brussels, Belgium, 17 September 2013

Time: From 9.00 to 12.15
Location: Jenkins Room, Charlemagne Building, rue de la Loi 170, Brussels

The European  fishing sector, NGOs, national administrations, EU institutions and interested members of the public are invited to participate in a seminar  on the current state of European fish stocks and on corresponding appropriate management measures.



Master of Ceremonies/Moderator – Ms. Lowri Evans
Director General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

09.00 - 09.10

Welcome and introduction - Ms. Lowri Evans

09.10- 09.35

Overview of Northeast Atlantic Stocks - A scientist from ICES (the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) will summarise the biological status of the main stocks of interest for EU fisheries in relation to the exploitation target agreed for the reformed Common Fisheries Policy. Carmen Fernández, ICES ACOM vice-chair - Presentation pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]

09.35- 10.00

Overview of stocks in the Mediterranean and Black Seas - A scientific presentation will be made of new information concerning fish stocks in the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea, also in relation to the exploitation target agreed for the reformed Common Fisheries Policy.
Max Cardinale & Giacomo Chato Osio - Presentation pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]

10.00- 10.15

Questions and answers

10.15- 10.35


10.35 - 11.00

Fisheries economics performance - A scientist from the Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries will present the latest information on the economic performance of EU fisheries. 
John Anderson - Presentation pdf - 815 KB [815 KB]

11.00- 12.00

Panel discussion

Representatives from the Regional Advisory Councils (RACs) and the Advisory Committee for Fisheries Management (ACFA) will each make a brief introductory statement. Catching, NGO and processing sectors to be represented. The Commission will be represented on the panel. Following a discussion among the panellists and the speakers, we will open the floor for the participants to put questions to the panel.

12.00- 12.15

Closing remarks

The Director-General of the Commission's Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries will sum-up the main conclusions and close the event.

Simultaneous interpretation into French, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and Greek will be provided.