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INSEPARABLE - Eat, Buy and Sell Sustainable FishINSEPARABLE - Eat, Buy and Sell Sustainable FishINSEPARABLE - Eat, Buy and Sell Sustainable FishINSEPARABLE - Eat, Buy and Sell Sustainable Fish

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In a high-level joint event with the Dutch Presidency of the Council on 24 May, EU Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Karmenu Vella presented progress made and obstacles that need to be addressed in further developing a sustainable aquaculture sector in the EU.

Synopsis of selected R & D projects in the field of fisheries and aquaculture

Study published 01/12/2001

Objective, precise and reliable information is essential to inform decision-makers of the likely consequences of the everyday choices they have to make. This is particularly true for the common fisheries policy (CFP) whose implementation and evolution is highly dependent upon progress in the research domains linked to fisheries management and aquaculture development. The Commission Directorate-General for Fisheries (DG Fisheries) thus requires scientific information to prepare the decision proposals submitted to the Council of Ministers, which will affect the future of all those in the European Union (EU) who are dependent upon fisheries and aquaculture.

Over and above this requirement for short, medium and long-term applications, research is also needed to reinforce the competitivity of the EU through scientific cooperation across frontiers of all those who seek to advance knowledge and to improve the way economic activities are conducted.

During the period covered by the 4th framework programme, the Commission of the European Communities provided support to research of relevance to the common fisheries policy through the ‘Agriculture and Fisheries including agro-industry, food technology, forestry, aquaculture and rural development’ (FAIR) programme. The present synopsis lists all the shared-costs and demonstration projects as well as the concerted actions funded through this programme.

For all the above reasons, I take particular pleasure in writing the preface of this synopsis. I have no doubt scientists considering the option of submitting research proposals in the ‘Quality of Life’ thematic programme of the 5th framework programme will find it of great use for their preparatory work.

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I.   Generic science and advanced technologies for nutritious foods pdf - 439 KB [439 KB]  

II.  Impact of environmental factors on aquatic resources pdf - 391 KB [391 KB]  

III. Ecological impact of fisheries and aquaculture pdf - 371 KB [371 KB]  

IV. Biology of species for optimisation of aquaculture pdf - 730 KB [730 KB]  

V.   Socioeconomic aspects of the fishing industry pdf - 301 KB [301 KB]

VI. Improved methodology pdf - 331 KB [331 KB]

VII Objectives addressed by concertation Ethical, legal and social aspects projects pdf - 80 KB [80 KB]


       Key words

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