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The European Commission welcomes the positive vote of the plenary of European Parliament on the multiannual Baltic Plan, a long-term management plan which establishes targets and conservation reference points for cod, sprat and herring stocks.
Today the European Parliament gave support to a legislative proposal that paves the way for effective and consistent implementation of the landing obligation under the new Common Fisheries Policy. With the vote, the Parliament has endorsed the political agreement reached earlier, in negotiations between the Parliament and the Council on the Commission proposal for a so-called Omnibus Regulation.


Northern agreement

Entry into force

16 June 1981

The Community has three fisheries agreements with Norway, namely the bilateral, the trilateral and the neighbouring agreements. The bilateral arrangement covers the North Sea and the Atlantic, the trilateral agreement covers Skagerrak and Kattegat (Denmark, Sweden and Norway) and the neighbourhood arrangement covers the Swedish fishery in Norwegian waters of the North Sea.

Legal framework

The Framework Agreement was adopted by Council Regulation (EEC) 2214/80 of 27 June 1980, OJ - L 226 of 29 August 1980, page 47

Initial period

10 years to 1991 (OJ L 191 of 14 July 1981, page 19)


Extended four further periods of 6 years until 2015, subsequent tacit renovation for periods of 6 years unless a notice of termination is given.

Notice of termination

9 months


The agreements are implemented in the form of annual fisheries arrangements. The bilateral and the trilateral arrangements allow for the setting of TACs for joint stocks, transfers of fishing possibilities, joint technical measures and issues related to control and enforcement. The neighbourhood arrangement includes fishing possibilities transferred from Norway to Sweden in accordance with the fisheries agreement between Norway and Sweden of December 1976.

The bilateral agreement is the single most important agreement the Community has with a third party both in terms of exchange of fish possibilities and in terms of joint management measures.

Press release of 12/03/2014

European Union and Norway reach agreement on bilateral fisheries arrangements for 2014