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In a fourth round of talks on renewing the Protocol to the EU-Mauritania Fishing Partnership Agreement, the parties were unable to reach an agreement on a number of points, including finances. They therefore decided to suspend the discussions, held in Brussels on 9-10th October, to enable both parties to make the necessary internal consultations.
The European Commission has welcomed the outcomes of the 36th Annual Meeting of the North Atlantic Fisheries Organisation (NAFO) held in Vigo, Spain from 22 to 26 September 2014.
The setting of Total Allowable Catch for NAFO fish stocks will take centre stage at the 36th Annual Meeting to be held in Vigo, Galicia from 22-26 September 2014.


Fisheries partnership agreement

The new Protocol to the Fisheries Partnership Agreement concluded between the EU and Kiribati covers the period 16.9.2012 – 15.9.2015.

Main features of the FPA

Duration of the agreement6 years renewable (16.9.2012 – 15.9.2018)
Duration of the Protocol3 years (16.9.2012 – 15.9.2015)
Nature of the FPATuna Fisheries Partnership Agreement 
Financial contribution: 1 325 000 €/year out of which 350 000 €/year (26 %) has been earmarked for the support of the Kiribati sectoral fisheries policy.
Fee for ship owners:  

35 € per tonne caught:

- 131 250 € per purse seiner
- 15 000 € per long-liner

Special contribution for fishing authorisation for ship owners300 000 € per purse seiner
Reference tonnage:   

15 000 t./year

Fishing possibilities
Tuna seiners31-4 vessels
Surface longliners3-36 vessels


The first fisheries agreement concluded between the EU and Kiribati dates back from 2003. It was the first fisheries agreement to be negotiated in the Pacific.

Current legal framework