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Verification of a Common and Coherent Application of Directive 97/5/EC on Cross-Border Credit Transfers in the 15 Member States

Study(6.1 Mb)PDF 6014 KBEnglish
Belgium (BE)PDF 1442 KBEnglish
Denmark (DK)PDF 1319 KBEnglish
Germany (DE)PDF 1512 KBEnglish
Greece (EL)PDF 2355 KBEnglish
Spain (ES)PDF 1072 KBEnglish
France (FR)PDF 1268 KBEnglish
Ireland (IE)PDF 2359 KBEnglish
Italy (IT)PDF 1123 KBEnglish
Luxembourg (LU)PDF 497 KBEnglish
Netherlands (NL)PDF 500 KBEnglish
Austria (AT)PDF 1033 KBEnglish
Portugal (PT)PDF 800 KBEnglish
Finland (FI)PDF 896 KBEnglish
Sweden (SE)PDF 3373 KBEnglish
United Kingdom (UK)PDF 1409 KBEnglish