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Venture capital

Regulation on European Venture Capital Funds

The regulation sets out a new “European Venture Capital Fund” label and includes new measures to allow venture capitalists to market their funds across the EU and grow while using a single set of rules. Every fund using the label will have to prove that a high percentage of investments (70% of the capital received from investors) are spent in supporting young and innovative companies. By introducing a single rulebook, venture capital funds will have the potential to attract more capital commitments and become bigger. Bigger venture capital funds mean more capital for individual companies giving them the ability to specialise in particular sectors such as information technology, biotech or life-science. This in turn should help SMEsto have a more competitive edge in the global marketplace.

Text of the regulation as adopted by the European Parliament and the Council (17.04.2013)

Proposal by the Commission (07.12.2011)

Consultation on a new European regime for venture capital – 15.06.2011

The Commission services launched a consultation on a new European regime for venture capital. The new rules aim at facilitating the cross-border fundraising and investments by venture capital funds. This initiative is one of the key actions to improve access to finance for innovative SMEs, as spelled out in the recently adopted Single Market Act.