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Level 2 measures

Numerous acts of EU legislation in the area of financial services (“basic acts”) contain empowerments for so-called “Level 2” measures to be adopted by the Commission by means of Delegated Acts (DA), Implementing Acts (IA), or measures under the former comitology Regulatory Procedure with Scrutiny (RPS measures). These measures are endorsed in accordance with different procedures set out in the relevant basic act and may be subject to formal committee decisions or provide for certain control rights of the European Parliament and the Council.

Where the Level 2 measures concern purely technical matters and require the expertise of supervisory experts, it can be determined in the basic act that these measures are technical standards based on drafts developed by the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs). A distinction can be made between Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) which are adopted by the Commission by means of a Delegated Act and Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) which are adopted by means of an Implementing Act.

The following table provides an overview on existing empowerments in basic acts for Level 2 measurespdf(973 KB) Choose translations of the previous link . The table will be regularly updated.