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User input - Financial Services User Group

European Commission has set up a Financial Services User Group (FSUG). The group took over the tasks of two earlier groups, Forum of User Experts in the area of Financial Services (FIN-USE) and Financial Services Consumer Group (FSCG).

Group of representatives of financial services employees (“UNI Europa”)

The Group aims at providing EU financial services employees with a communication channel with the European Commission, in order to get updated on the main developments on financial services regulation and to present their views on the financial services policy of the European Commission. The Group comprises representatives of the various national trade union organizations which are federated by "UNI Europa". The latter is a European trade union federation which unites national trade unions active in service and crafts sectors in 50 different countries. With 320 affiliated trade union organisations, "UNI Europa" represents 7 million workers in key service sectors, including Financial services. "UNI Europa" is part of "UNI global union" whose headquarters are in Nyon (Switzerland). "UNI Europa" is based in Brussels. DG MARKT holds bi-annual meetings with "UNI Europa" on key issues in financial services.

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